Thursday, May 28, 2009

NY Rangers Sign Free Agent Forward Andres' Ambuhl

The New York Rangers organization has officially signed Swiss forward Andres Ambuhl.

A little background:

Ambühl began playing junior hockey in the HC Davos organization, with the club's junior team. In 2000–01, he scored 41 points in 31 games as a junior and debuted in 3 games with HC Davos in the Nationalliga A. He joined the senior team in 2001–02, scoring 8 points in 38 games during his rookie season. Playing with HC Davos in the 2006 Spengler Cup as tournament hosts, Ambühl scored the championship-winning goal against Team Canada in a 3–2 final win. In 2007–08, Ambühl scored a career-high 26 points in 49 games for HC Davos. Ambühl, rugged for a 5-10, 198-pounder, has played 43 times for Switzerland in Olympic and World Championship competition.

I don't know much about the guy, but it is gratifying to know that management is out in the field doing their job.

Go here, here, here or here for more information.


(UPDATE - Old news that we haven't yet covered)

Obviously our 2008 first round pick (20th overall), Michael Del Zotto, has officially been signed and will compete for a starting position with the Rangers this summer. Go here or here for more information. So much for the sharpshooters desperately needed on this Blueshirt squad.

Tom Renney - former coach of the NY Defensemen (Rangers) has taken an assistant coach job with the Edmonton Oilers, second to Patrick Quinn. Sound familiar? If these two don't kill each other by for the fireworks up north and beware of dual rabid/rapid gum chewing.


  1. A hundred dollars on Quinn. Renney will be reduced to tears and shoulder shrugs, the minute Quinn tries to only have the D-man play D. I hope they trade for or pick (a peck of pickled) Prucha out of the ashes in Phoenix and give him 2nd line minutes. Renney would sh*t himself purple. *Smirk*


  2. HILARIOUS...J. This is a f&*%ed up off-season. I don't like it. I don't feel like big things are happening... The PENS again? I want the Wings to maintain their title...the visual of Malkin and Cindy sitting on the bench with their hands on their heads, crying, bitching to the refs...that would be worth everything.

    WE ARE ALL BITTER, it's makes us better fans.

    (i'd raise you on the Quinn bet)

  3. Renney never should have been promoted to head coach of the Rangers. He'll adjust to the assistant to Quinn and fall into neverland again.


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