Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rangers Make Philly Fly'Less, 4-0

(Friday morning 1am) - After a brief hiatus, both The Dark Ranger (2 games w/o posting) and The New York Rangers (25-22-6) are back to make the fans proud with a shutout over our 'black and orange-ade' rival Philadelphia Flyers! Four Rangers goals tonight were scored by Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha, Chris Drury & Brendan Shanahan. The division first place Flyers scored zip. The most delicious part is the Flyers have now lost 6 in a row at home against the Blueshirts (and I will be at the Wachovia Center in Philly next week for the 7th home loss to our Rangers!!!!! Ha!).

Official recap

With last night's performance, a display of restored confidence was evident shimmying the Blueshirts to eighth in the Eastern Conference - stepping out of the Atlantic Division last place slot and inserting the NY Islanders instead. This was the first Rangers win in seven road games and an exciting win at that. They showed signs of 'want' and 'team' - two words not used in this year's vocabulary.

Chris Drury undeniably stole the game from Philly on the Rangers third goal, a beautifully unobstructed slap shot and terrific assist on the second goal to Petr Prucha. Defensively he was there every step of the way. He played the post, freeing up space for Jaromir Jagr to play to his potential (now there you go, 'ole Captain), and selflessly set up his teammates for the win. I hate to admit that Marek Malik actually played a solid game of hockey, so I will reluctantly give him that - as earlier in the week our Czech veteran (a.k.a. Lurch or 'Skating Two-by-Four') was benched for disrespecting Rangers Coach Tom Renney (I must give Malik another one for that) which led to the removal of his locker room jersey, belongings and, most evident, an appearance on ice last week. Obviously, he was back in the lineup last night - now with increasing February trade value. Sean Avery was clearly in good hockey form -- motivating, not instigating, and contributed most by hustling to the puck. "Hurrah" to goaltender Stephen Valiquette who earned his first shutout playing in the NHL. He is a solid backup goaltender and Coach Renney should be playing 'Vally' more often, as it may give our 'Prince' Henrik Lundqvist more time to rest to channel the 'King'.

The second half of the season is upon us and The Dark Ranger feels that Chris Drury may be that sole player that reinvigorates the team, even though he has been disappointing thus far. Just as Sean Avery has given us an aggressive front line and newly found team spirit, Chris Drury will round out the team and find those clutch dirty goals and make the 'paper-Rangers' a true NHL threat. His performance tonight is what is needed for the Rangers to be competitive on the playoff push.

We have been here before. I know. We know. Perhaps I have the voice of an overly enthusiastic Blueshirts blogger who happens to hate the Philadelphia Flyers? Maybe last night was only a facade? Can we repeat last season? Probably not. Maybe so. There is one thing my dear readers of Dark that you can count on throughout the remainder of the season. We can hope and pray, perhaps for another day, but The Dark Ranger will never disappoint you again. I welcome me back.

Flyers suck. Rangers rule! Until next Saturday Briere lovers! But for now, we see another arch-enemy, The Newark Devils tonight. Stay tuned and keep your friggin fingers crossed.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Long Road Ahead (24-21-6)

So we tied in regulation with the Atlanta Thrashers and the Blueshirts won on the shootout 2-1. Good. Official recap here. The official NYR site proclaims - "The Leech Night Thriller", but not sure if I was then watching the same game as the official Ranger organization was. The shootout went our way and that is all. The third period was the only period we played like a contender. The first and second periods were business as usual. I am certain Coach Tom Renney felt "there is room for improvement, but regardless we played hard and I wouldn't change a thing." An almost brilliant diatribe on Tom Renney and his inner-thoughts can be found at Rangerland here -- great stuff and so true.

On the trading and rumor front, I thought I'd share some non-credible hockey reading from
Ecklund the anonymous hockey blogger who this morning wrote

Sundin. I was told 90% now that Sundin is moved. The latest rumblings include Vancouver and Calgary leading the way, but don't count out the NY Rangers I am told. With rumours of Malik being shipped to Chicago very prevalent, and also rumours popping up that the Sharks have interest in "another highly paid Ranger" I get the sense that the Rangers are up to something big. I would be pretty shocked if Mats would decide to go to NY however as everything I have heard is still pointing him towards a Western Canadian team, and he has told people he will ONLY play for a team he feels can win it all.

For once I hope Ecklund is right and Blueshirt management is doing something before the deadline. I actually don't believe Jags is on his way out, but Malik is a sure thing which would free up an additional $2.5 million in cap room - which would allow someone to come in around the $4 million mark only. Knowing Slats, he would probably guarantee a multi-year contract plus bonuses, spurring a 'dumping salary spree' come the off-season.

Whatever happens, I do think the Rangers are in for a major re-organization this June/July.

Enjoy the break everyone - and look for our 'very own and grown' Dubi playing in the kid-All-Stars game this weekend.

(clap, clap, clap, clap....'LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latest Trade Rumors Highlighted in Spector's

NEWSDAY (via KUKLA'S KORNER): Steve Zipay reports NY Rangers defenceman Marek Malik, the target of boo-birds at MSG this season, could be on the move. His equipment wasn't in his practice locker, and head coach Tom Renney declined to confirm if Malik was being traded, saying his absence was an internal matter.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: John Dellapina reports Malik hasn't been placed on waivers so he's not being demoted to the minors.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports that Jaromir Jagr's contract with the Rangers could expire at season's end if he fails to reach 84 points while the Rangers win at least one playoff round. Jagr again expressed his wish to remain with the Rangers beyond this season.

The Man!

One of the greatest defenseman in the NHL will be honored this evening at The Garden as #2 will join the ranks of The New York Rangers Elite. For histories, events, stories and pix go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Fantastic to see that those who play the game with integrity are recognized by their peers and their fans. Leetchie is one of the best. Thank you, Brian.

May our current Blueshirts honor this man by kicking The Thrashers ass post ceremony.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dr. Jekyll Ranger Shuts Out Thrashing For A Living, NYR 4, Atlanta 0

Last evening the New York Rangers played like a solid hockey team should and blanked the Atlanta Thrashers four-to-zip. In typical Blueshirt fashion - a huge win can always be downgraded by a visit with Mr. Hyde Ranger, who could make an appearance this Thursday as the Rangers play a double-home-header against Atlanta twice in the same week.

The Dark Ranger is reserving comment on last night's victory and will address both games in one shot Thursday evening. Here is the official recap. As it stands the Rangers are last in the Atlantic Division and ninth in the Eastern conference -- but a string of wins could make them a contender, as they are only seven points away from first place in the Atlantic and second in the Conference. As stated before, the Blueshirts need to win 2 of every 3 games generally to insure a playoff run.

One comment worth mentioning is a reserved 'kudos' to the coach (this is hard for me) for finding the Avery-Gomez-Jagr line, as it appeared to have sparked a little speed in our dear Captain Jags. The Beast is Back! (or for a game at least)


Monday, January 21, 2008

Truth Or Rumor?

Word on Broadway these days suggests that the New York Rangers locker room is divided into two camps, the first being the Jaromir Jagr Lemmings (anyone European including Lundqvist) and the second being the Shanny-Grit Camp (Drury, Gomez, Avery, including Valiquette). Jagr trade rumors are frequent and what will that mean if it's real?

I want to hear from you dear readers of Dark. Is this a bunch of crap? Where is this going? Which camp does Tom Renney support? What does it mean for him?

Maybe we all can collectively figure out what the hell is wrong with this team, as The Dark Ranger has run out of new ways to say "this team is sucking the barrel."


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shipping Back From Boston With A Point, 4-3 Shootout Loss

Hey, hey, hey, Scotty Hockey here to keep things shrouded in darkness as TDR wanders the hallowed Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Hopefully he is taking everything in and getting his picture taken with the Stanley Cup because the way things look, that will be the closest a Ranger will get to the chalice this season.

The Rangers brought their dads with them to Boston and played one of their sloppiest games in recent memory, losing 4-3 in a shootout (official recap here, Scotty Hockey live blog here). If it was me playing in Boston with my dad watching, I woulda gotten a smack on the back of my head for every one of the gaffes. Hopefully Marek Malik's father doesn't believe in sparing the whip because the human pylon was atrocious in taking bad penalties, making ill-advised pass attempts and missing his coverage assignments throughout the game. Should he play in the second game of the home-and-home then the Garden crowd will likely burn him in effigy.

However, Malik wasn't the only Ranger to take a bad penalty, Boston had eight power plays and capitalized on two of them. Chuck Kobasew tied the game at three with his second goal of the game after one of those ill-advised Ranger penalties - a interference call on Paul Mara. Mara had a rough game, trying to make big plays and big hits to impress his hometown crowd.

While our loyal captain, Jaromir Jagr, has been plagued by stupid penalties all season long, his minor was a bad call late in the game (although he was partially at fault if you ask me). Luckily Boston did not score on it. Jagr did score a goal in the game, his 14th of the year. It was a true beauty and hearkened back to the days when he was the best player in the league.

Despite the incredulous decision to have a father's day trip weeks after Henrik Lundqvist's dad nearly died, the King's psyche held tough and he made one of his best performances of the year. He did give up both goals in the shootout which would be cause for concern but the second one came on a shot from Zdeno Chara that a brick wall would have trouble stopping. He can't let it get to him as we will need every spectacular kick save, dive and catch he can import from Sweden if we are to see the Rangers make the playoffs. But first small steps, he will need to win tomorrow if the Rangers are to keep pace in the East.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buffalo's Woes, Rangers 2, Sabres 1

Two wins out of eight games is certainly better than ten losses in a row.

This was the case as The New York Rangers handed the tenth to the Buffalo Sabres last night, obviously hurting without their now-Blueshirt Chris Drury. Though disappointed in Drury's performance as a Ranger this season, I felt satisfied in that we were able to acquire him (big deal! - double meaning), that we finally beat the team responsible for knocking us out of playoffs last season and contributing to their double-digit loss streak - a horrible achievement for any hockey franchise.

The win leaves a slightly less bitter taste in Ranger fans' mouths, as we take the win with a 'grain of salt', as this team needs to demonstrate more than a win here or there. Three in a row would get some of us back.

I had tickets. I was supposed
to be there. Work, work, work. Needless to say, I couldn't be there and I am not able to comment on the game, but was pleasantly surprised by the updating scores through text messages.

I highly suggest you link to the following terrific NYR sites for information on the game, including the next two games against the Boston Bruins back-to-back this Saturday and Sunday. I highly recommend visits to Scotty Hockey, The Ranger Pundit, Pucks on Broadway, Blueshirt Bulletin, or the bias official website NYR. Perhaps one of our guest bloggers will make an appearance on the blog!!?

I will not be posting this weekend as The Dark Ranger will be in Toronto researching and meeting with various hockey spies, seeing family, visiting the Hall of Fame and enjoying the company of certain hockey retirees.

More to come from the Darkest of Hockey Bloggers on the net.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Their Kids Are Better Than Ours, Rangers 1, Penguins 4

Forget about "my Dad can beat up your Dad" because the Pittsburgh kids took care of it on their own. Not only did the kid-Penguins bitch-slap our rookie-Blueshirts, they virtually immobilized the entire Rangers team, limiting the Rangers to one mercy goal late in the third during last night's meeting. The Rangers have now lost five out of the last six games, including four losses in a row on the road.

Stellar goaltending by newcomer Penguin Ty Conklin and a hat-trick by the amazing 'faster than Scott Gomez' Pittsburgh Penguin rookie Evgeni Malkin handed us another loss on the road, ending our one-game winning streak. "Captain With Training Wheels" Jaromir Jagr scored the only goal in the third period preventing the shutout.

Tom Renney's not happy. Post game he looked spooked. What's next?

Echoing throughout this blog are '500 Ways To Say They Are Bad', and the Blueshirts are on a path of loss, as our coaching staff is back to his old ways: Marek Malik in the starting lineup and a perimeter offense again molded around our crusting and half-speed Captain. Always tough to watch.

The only redemption in the final twenty seconds was seeing Marc Staal stepping up for his team mates and with no reason other than on principle, he launched into retaliation. THIS is a reminder that the team needs to look out for each other and show their strength. We lack 'grit & hit' on the Rangers and if Tom Renney isn't willing to lift their confidence and spirit by coaching, the Rangers may be able to lift it through their fists.

Hit back Blueshirts. The season end point could be near and the 'fight back' might, at least, keep it interesting for the fans.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

What We Expect Of Our Team, Rangers 4, Habs 1

It's too bad every game cannot be against Montreal.

It was a celebratory night as The New York Rangers ended their five-game winless streak, and knocked out the Montreal Habs with four-sucker punches,
4-1. New York is 2-4-1 in its last seven games, with both wins coming against our favorite opponent at the Garden -- four wins in the last four home meetings with the Habs. It was the Canadiens' first regulation loss since Dec. 23 (5-0-2), despite eight power plays.

The system works when you play disciplined hockey.

Similar to the Rangers previous game (and loss) to Philadelphia, it was a game full of penalties by our Blueshirts, including two 5-on-3's, the difference this time our special team built for killing penalties managed the job - all of them. The defense finally played defense for a change, with the exception of a ridiculous Marek Malik turnover that could have changed the tone of the game, had the Canadiens delivered on the shot. Lucky for us.

Despite his -12 for the season, newcomer Chris Drury delivered on the first goal and looked strong as he buried himself into Habs goalkeeper Christobal Huet's far post throughout the game. It is a pleasure to see a consistent player, like Drury, playing the post looking for dirty goals. Jaromir Jagr actually skated hard throughout, Martin Straka, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes delivered on excellent goals, and our mentally ailing goalkeeper
Henrik Lunqvist looked sharp, focused and unstoppable.

May this all continue 'hopeful Rangers fans' as it feels good seeing the win; it is what we expect of our team when we are on the verge of making/breaking the playoffs.

Currently The Rangers are in last place in the Atlantic Division and ninth place in the Eastern Conference standings (21-19-5). We are four wins away from the top division seed and four losses away from the worst team in the Conference, so needless to say, the race will be a close one. In order to secure and guarantee a spot in the playoffs, the Blueshirts will have to win two of every three games for the remainder of the season - a streak we haven't seen since this time last year.

Can history be repeated? Better yet, can last night be repeated?


Thursday, January 10, 2008

TOUCHDOWN!, Philly 6, NYR 2

It keeps getting worse, now five losses in a row. What could possibly be next? Please hit the panic button now!

The Dark Ranger's nemesis the Flyers spanked The New York Rangers tonight at The Garden, peeling off another layer of the Blueshirt's confidence. It appeared that after Ryan Hollweg (the offensive machine!) scored the
first two goals of the game ending the first period, the tide was turning as the fourth HBO-line enforcer was the least likely player on the team to score against our rival Flyers - let alone two of his fifth career goals. This was followed by an onslaught of six Philadelphia goals - the hockey touchdown - shutting down any last drop of hope and ending another horrible loss to the New York Rangers. That leaves our boys with one point in five games. Good grief!

Due to unforgivable consecutive Blueshirt penalties at the end of the first and second (Dan Girardi cries, "Throw me your stick, Chrissy!") the Flyers opened the second and third periods with the power play advantage, flipping Henrik Lundqvist into mediocrity & the Rangers' momentum into a wave of 'orange & black.' Everything went downhill from there. As Mother Theresa would say, "we suck."

recap here.

Over forty games past the half-way point, last in the Atlantic Division and All-Stars still unable to play with each other (let alone against other teams) this is a professional hockey team on the outside looking in. It is looking grim. Thinking back to the opening of the season, it is ironic that anything short of first in the division and 'top two' in the Conference would have been an utter disappointment. I am embarrassed to have admitted to friends that I believed a Stanley Cup was in our future. I just wish I never said anything, as it's ringing in my head over and over and over....

It especially hurts losing to the Philadelphia Flyers. Tonight we sadly bow our heads, suck up the loss to a 'town known for cheesesteaks' and understand a little better how they might have felt all of last season. (sigh)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Open Letter To Tom Renney

After a surprising New York Rangers' loss to the Tampa Bay Horrible-Hockey Team, 5-3 last night, in the spirit of directly speaking with members of the Blueshirts - I offer a personal letter to Tom Renney, coach of The New York Rangers, this time in a language that is 'most-appropriate' to how NYR fans are feeling these Pig Latin:

Earday Oachcay Omtay Enneyray,

Asway ethay esteemedway oachcay ofway Ethay Ewnay Orkyay Angersray, ouyay avehay away esponsibilityray otay otnay onlyway ethay eamtay andway anagementmay, utbay alsoway otay ethay ansfay. Ethay 5-3 osslay otay Ampatay Aybay astlay ightnay, ethay econdsay orstway eamtay inway ethay NHLAY, isway agictray. Ouryay oachingcay ethodsmay areway agictray. Ethay onlyway opehay asway ethay irdthay eriodpay, utbay ywhay adn'thay ethay Ueshirtsblay ayedplay atway atthay "irdthay eriodpay" evellay omfray ethay eryvay eginningbay?

Ultimatelyway, anotherway osslay orway otway isthay eekway illway anghay onway ouryay ouldersshay, Omtay -- andway erethay isway onay easonray atthay otway 600-oalgay orersscay, away eamtay ofway Allway-Arsstay, away Ezinavay-ominatednay oalkeepergay, away NHLAY-atedhay instigatorway andway away unchbay ofway alentedtay ookiesray ouldn'tshay ebay ickingclay ogethertay. Ethay "orkingway onway eamtay emistrychay" orway ethay "eway ayedplay away eatgray amegay" oundbitesay isn'tway orkingway orfay ouyay anymoreway.

Isthay illway allway estray onway ouryay ouldersshay ymay iendfray. Oonsay ouyay illway onay ongerlay ebay away iendfray ofway ethay eamtay, ethay ansfay, andway areday Iway aysay, anagementmay?

Etgay itway ogethertay obray, asway ouryay avygray aintray aymay ebay eavinglay ethay ationstay.

Ethay Arkday Angerray
(The Dark Ranger)

Monday, January 7, 2008

An Open Letter To Jaromir Jagr

Drahoušek Jaromir,

Proslulý asi člen určitý svět , tebe ar jeden z člen určitý celek prebenda hokej herec. Tebe vŘdŘt tato a majetek ale jděte bezstarostný do tebe , ačkoliv čelit až k jiní aby snažit se až k délat jeden jméno do ona do člen určitý odborný liga. Já , na druhé straně am spravedlivý jeden ohromný fanda of " člen určitý Nový York Hajný " a jeden část - čas hokej blogger krmení má slyšení s jasnozření až k člen určitý četa. Stranout dle člen určitý fyzický příroda of náš dva dotyčný držení , JÁ am skutečně bytost více čestný až k má fans než tebe ar až k tvůj. Ačkoliv notáblové hlavní předmět obchodu of náš četa tebe potřebovat až k být více čestný s tvůj četa kamarád a autokar aby překonat tezaury moderní porážka.

Možná ono is ačkoliv snadné jako facka tato. Struska branka a pomáhat do člen určitý NHL ale jděte s blaho chemie a tvrdý práce a naslouchání poslech až k jeden blaho autokar. JÁ am nejistý tebe souhlasit s Tom Renney do jeho metody a snad to jest having neurč. člen dojem dále tvůj honba. Jakýkoliv člen určitý bedna , tebe musit být zklamat do ty sám ačkoliv those asi tebe ar. Ačkoliv neurč. člen kůň nebo člověk nemající naději na vítězství v závodech hledět do , Dovedu ale doporučit aby tebe opravdu mít na mušce jádro člen určitý C " tebe protahovat se tvůj pletený kabátek a dát spropitné aby tvůj četa is opírat se dále tebe až k hlavní část programu. Tato is člen určitý nejčetnější důležitý majetek. Být člen určitý hlavní předmět obchodu. -li člen určitý fans do téže míry mne pocínovat vidět ne vůdcovství , někdy ono is horší jádro člen určitý úschovna.

Druh of do téže míry aby Nový York Město šváb. -li tebe vidět jeden , někdy tam musit být 10 dozadu člen určitý stěna? My potřebovat tebe Zoubkuje více než jakkoli.

Být příjemný , být příjemný , být příjemný.

Upřímně ,

Člen určitý Chmurný Hajný
(The Dark Ranger)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Point Taken, Edmonton 3, NY Rangers 2 SO

Even though the New York (St)rangers dropped their final game on the all-Canadian leg, this time to the Edmonton Oilers in overtime -- though a stinky game as usual, the last 2 minutes happened to be some of the most exciting hockey this season. Specialized Clutch-man New York Ranger Chris Drury scored in the final seconds of the third period to tie-up the game, eerily reminiscent of his clutch-goal for the Buffalo Sabres that turned the course of our playoff run last season.

Needless to say, we lost to Edmonton and the Rangers leave Canada with heads-down-low. Official recap here. (major flip-flop below)

The Dark Ranger feels a new beginning is approaching. I am becoming more comfortable with the Rangers losing most of their games these days, and strangely more comfortable with Marek Malik, Marcel Hossa, Jason Strudwick, Tom Renney and Jaromir Jagr. Why might you ask? They are all survivors in a system that should naturally filter them out. Darwinism screams that 'the strong will survive' and they are present, playing and making an impression. It may not be the impression that us Rangers fans support, one that puts the team in jeopardy of not qualifying for the playoffs and it leaves a generally bad taste in our mouths, but someone seems to like them. I may see these as bad impressions that disintegrate the franchise, but apparently these sub-par players, coaches and captains are able to live through anything at this point.

There are plenty of games left in the season. No problem - just get out on the ice, work as hard as you can, butter up to whoever necessary and get the job done.

It's not about winning or losing, it's about how you work it, baby! As long as you sell every ticket to The Garden, monopolize our cable service, sell Vitamin-Water sponsorships, these players are the 'golden children' to management, The Untouchables. Carry on dear hockey-players and coaches -- continue to entertain the masses with your profiteering.

Just never forget there is a bigger idea ahead, an air-of-change upon us, and there will come your time of judgement when those hockey loving 12-year old boys want a poster of a 'hockey blogger' on their wall instead of a Captain or Coach.

May The Dark Ranger Live Forever!
May Those Who Belong In Hockey Live Twice As Long!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Canucks "Sheit-Out" The Rangers 3-0

We lost again.

The New York Rangers lost their second in a row on their Canadian road game swing this week, last night to the Vancouver Canucks. My only comment is that Vancouver's shutout is due more to the Blueshirt's inability to perform than to Vancouver goalkeeper Roberto Luongo's 'press-declared' brilliant performance. Official recap here (so that I don't have to comment on the stats).

The Blueshirts have reached a pivotal place in the season as we are officially halfway through and still searching for some level of team chemistry... this Blueshirt performance was clearly one of the most physical games all season, but to no avail. As we look ahead to the second half leading into playoff consideration, we keep looking back to the 'same old story' in how the Rangers dominated and controlled the puck through most of the first and second periods, intertwined with bad referee calls (strange (non)penalty against Colton Orr), brilliant Ranger scoring opportunities that 1. hit the post or 2. open net, unable to finish/follow-through and an expected loss of focus that creates turnovers that lead to opponent goals. Though, our penalty killing unit is probably our greatest consistent asset thus far, we have recently experienced our greatest asset, Goalkeeper King Lundqvist, become uneven in the latter stretch of this half. Now we are once again faced with the same issues that plagued us in the beginning of the season.

Tom Renney, Jaromir Jagr, Chris Drury and even Stephen Valiquette were all interviewed after the game and all quoted with some form of "We played great hockey. We wouldn't do anything differently. (or better yet) It just didn't go our way."

Let's be real here. Don't change anything? How many times must be lose and self-proclaim how great we played? This was not the game I watched. The Rangers rose to the physical challenge in the first period against Vancouver and as hopeful as I get watching any game this season, I was still anticipating the breakdown and the holes to appear. They did. This is what we have come to expect from our Rangers, and despite what critics in the press, expert bloggers are declaring "just wait..." and with most mid-level teams in the Eastern Conference rankings all 2-5 points apart from each other, I am not sure that the New York Rangers will make the playoffs.

There I said it. The playoffs may be a reach this season, given the strength of the Eastern Conference. Win one, lose two will not make us eligible. The bigger picture would suggest that something radical needs to happen come trade time and will there be any room in salary cap or will any other franchise even want those that we want to dump?

Perhaps Slats is open to suggestions. What do you think?


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do You Have What It Takes?

Note that I am looking for a guest blogger to contribute more general hockey stories, viewpoints and observations if interested. Currently I am a one-man blog and given I get a great deal of email from visitors to the site, perhaps rather than addressing me individually you'd like to contribute to the many visitors to the site -- if you are interested in potentially contributing to The Dark Ranger, shoot me an email to: and we'll give you a shot.

Always looking to spread the Dark-ness of hockey and the 'great word' of The New York Rangers.


Rangers Are Stampeded in Calgary, NYR 3, Flames 4

No folks, it wasn't that annual Calgary Stampede that brought New Yorkers to the Great North, it was a good 'ole fashioned hockey game; one that the New York Rangers lost.

Though, the score would suggest that it was a close game - one would think - the Rangers were outplayed for most of the game and Henrik Lundqvist performed poorly when it really mattered. Spectacular saves in the first period led to the Blueshirts 1-0, but the final goal against the Rangers was below average for that guy in net that call "The King". Not sure where he has been lately.

Official recap here. Despite what is stated on the NYR site, it was not a close game. The West Coast Flames were quicker and controlled most of the game throughout. Jagr and Shanahan were invisible, with Scott Gomez a bona-fide 'fast skating loner'.

Tomorrow's bout against the Canucks in Vancouver will prove to be the toughest of the Canadian swing this week. Tune in.

Short & sweet -- The Dark Ranger has been in deep work mode, so sorry for the brief synopsis (and sorry for skipping the Montreal game) . For more thorough recommendations over the next month, I would highly recomm
Scotty Hockey, The Ranger Pundit or The Blueshirt Bulletin. Great work from three of the best Ranger sites out there.

Let's go Rangers -- show 'em a little East Coast Attitude.

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