Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do You Have What It Takes?

Note that I am looking for a guest blogger to contribute more general hockey stories, viewpoints and observations if interested. Currently I am a one-man blog and given I get a great deal of email from visitors to the site, perhaps rather than addressing me individually you'd like to contribute to the many visitors to the site -- if you are interested in potentially contributing to The Dark Ranger, shoot me an email to: and we'll give you a shot.

Always looking to spread the Dark-ness of hockey and the 'great word' of The New York Rangers.



  1. You should get HAWK to contribute some

  2. FYI... Open Mouth, insert foot. After totally trash talking your Rangers about their loss to the 'Yotes, my Avs lost 2 back to back games with them over the last 3 days.

    And I totally want to see Hawk's rants somewhere

  3. jibble...I was tempted when I saw your comment - lol - to turn around a reverse "A loss to Phoenix is also known as....", but I held back.

    Someone (except Faux) needs to instigate that annoying Hawk-mother and get some hockey traffic going!!!

    wins or losses for the avs or rangers, all teams are winning (generally)and with the exception of Detroit, all teams are within playoff range. It'll make a fun season.... Who knew Columbus, Chicago or St. Louis would have surprising teams this season?

  4. 1) Hawk??? Haven't heard high nor hair from him or any of his other blog mainfestations since Halloween. Supposedly he/they had an auto accident that wasn't serious, but the blogs haven't been updated in a LONG time.
    2) We're even tempted to stop moderating comments to see if he/they are truly gone from the scene. We do NOT miss his/their drivel

  5. lol @ jibble.

    TDR - thanks for the props, if you need some guest writin' gimme a topic and I'll try to do some of that voodoo that I do, so well ... lol.

  6. You can always shoot a Puck at broadway if you need TDR. Miserable game again tonight. How long do the Rangers wait before finally shaking this lineup up?

  7. scotty and pucks...we all have similar styles, so send me your emails and I'll add you as a special guest your discretion. I'd like to open this up to good fans and writers. faux/jibble...when we play your teams, i'd love a different enemy perspective too. ;)

  8. Hey Dark Ranger, what is this trite about you going into semi retirement? The fans need you and I need you as an ally. The main stream drive bys kep telling us how good its going to get. It reminds me of the standard sales pitch and that is what it is, a sales pitch. We need more telling it like it is. Hang in there and if I can help, let me know.

  9. No retirement Pundit, just keeping the puck alive with special guests who can be optimistic. ;)

    Don't worry...the Rangers themselves are naturally keeping it 'Dark' so most of my work has been done.

    You & I are the same. Though born at different times, we are both carrying the passion of 'calling it as it is' 'throwing your team under the bus if they deserve it' and 'always providing the 'how-to' in search of 'Ranger Utopia'. In other words, we are 'Hockey Racists'.

    But still believe Ranger fans...
    As Barack Obama says, 'change is upon us.'


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