Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Open Letter To Tom Renney

After a surprising New York Rangers' loss to the Tampa Bay Horrible-Hockey Team, 5-3 last night, in the spirit of directly speaking with members of the Blueshirts - I offer a personal letter to Tom Renney, coach of The New York Rangers, this time in a language that is 'most-appropriate' to how NYR fans are feeling these Pig Latin:

Earday Oachcay Omtay Enneyray,

Asway ethay esteemedway oachcay ofway Ethay Ewnay Orkyay Angersray, ouyay avehay away esponsibilityray otay otnay onlyway ethay eamtay andway anagementmay, utbay alsoway otay ethay ansfay. Ethay 5-3 osslay otay Ampatay Aybay astlay ightnay, ethay econdsay orstway eamtay inway ethay NHLAY, isway agictray. Ouryay oachingcay ethodsmay areway agictray. Ethay onlyway opehay asway ethay irdthay eriodpay, utbay ywhay adn'thay ethay Ueshirtsblay ayedplay atway atthay "irdthay eriodpay" evellay omfray ethay eryvay eginningbay?

Ultimatelyway, anotherway osslay orway otway isthay eekway illway anghay onway ouryay ouldersshay, Omtay -- andway erethay isway onay easonray atthay otway 600-oalgay orersscay, away eamtay ofway Allway-Arsstay, away Ezinavay-ominatednay oalkeepergay, away NHLAY-atedhay instigatorway andway away unchbay ofway alentedtay ookiesray ouldn'tshay ebay ickingclay ogethertay. Ethay "orkingway onway eamtay emistrychay" orway ethay "eway ayedplay away eatgray amegay" oundbitesay isn'tway orkingway orfay ouyay anymoreway.

Isthay illway allway estray onway ouryay ouldersshay ymay iendfray. Oonsay ouyay illway onay ongerlay ebay away iendfray ofway ethay eamtay, ethay ansfay, andway areday Iway aysay, anagementmay?

Etgay itway ogethertay obray, asway ouryay avygray aintray aymay ebay eavinglay ethay ationstay.

Ethay Arkday Angerray
(The Dark Ranger)


  1. I think TDR has lost his mind. Quick, we must rescue him! Back to english my friend! Take to alcohol to drown the woes of this team (for lack of a better word) like the rest of us ;)



  3. Hey Dark Ranger. You drinking too much of that cheap Italian wine.

  4. I like the open letters. Just write them in languages that I can understand, and you'll be fine!


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