Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Long Road Ahead (24-21-6)

So we tied in regulation with the Atlanta Thrashers and the Blueshirts won on the shootout 2-1. Good. Official recap here. The official NYR site proclaims - "The Leech Night Thriller", but not sure if I was then watching the same game as the official Ranger organization was. The shootout went our way and that is all. The third period was the only period we played like a contender. The first and second periods were business as usual. I am certain Coach Tom Renney felt "there is room for improvement, but regardless we played hard and I wouldn't change a thing." An almost brilliant diatribe on Tom Renney and his inner-thoughts can be found at Rangerland here -- great stuff and so true.

On the trading and rumor front, I thought I'd share some non-credible hockey reading from
Ecklund the anonymous hockey blogger who this morning wrote

Sundin. I was told 90% now that Sundin is moved. The latest rumblings include Vancouver and Calgary leading the way, but don't count out the NY Rangers I am told. With rumours of Malik being shipped to Chicago very prevalent, and also rumours popping up that the Sharks have interest in "another highly paid Ranger" I get the sense that the Rangers are up to something big. I would be pretty shocked if Mats would decide to go to NY however as everything I have heard is still pointing him towards a Western Canadian team, and he has told people he will ONLY play for a team he feels can win it all.

For once I hope Ecklund is right and Blueshirt management is doing something before the deadline. I actually don't believe Jags is on his way out, but Malik is a sure thing which would free up an additional $2.5 million in cap room - which would allow someone to come in around the $4 million mark only. Knowing Slats, he would probably guarantee a multi-year contract plus bonuses, spurring a 'dumping salary spree' come the off-season.

Whatever happens, I do think the Rangers are in for a major re-organization this June/July.

Enjoy the break everyone - and look for our 'very own and grown' Dubi playing in the kid-All-Stars game this weekend.

(clap, clap, clap, clap....'LET'S GO GIANTS!!!!!)



  1. Dark, Eklund has been pretty accurate of late and may be some truth to this. Don't count out that Jagr could be out considering the amount of grief he is getting locally. Imagine Sundin on the team, side by side Shanny would be either brilliant or just the same. We are evolving back into that veteran_prone Ranger squad again. Good grief!

  2. I don't necessarily agree with becoming the Rangers-of-old because the only keeping this squad half-credible are the young'ens (Dubi, Girardi, Staal, etc.), but...

    Whatever the case with sure makes for interesting reading...Eklund is like the Fox News of Hockey bloggers. Extreme...yes. Credible....not really.

  3. I would be shocked if Sundin came to New York, truly shocked. He said wants to stay in Toronto, but may go elsewhere for a shot at the Cup and right now we aren't looking like contenders. Ek is amusing to read but you can't take a word of what he says seriously.

    Although, could you imagine a Rangers team in the Czech Republic next season with Sundin and without Jagr???


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