Monday, January 21, 2008

Truth Or Rumor?

Word on Broadway these days suggests that the New York Rangers locker room is divided into two camps, the first being the Jaromir Jagr Lemmings (anyone European including Lundqvist) and the second being the Shanny-Grit Camp (Drury, Gomez, Avery, including Valiquette). Jagr trade rumors are frequent and what will that mean if it's real?

I want to hear from you dear readers of Dark. Is this a bunch of crap? Where is this going? Which camp does Tom Renney support? What does it mean for him?

Maybe we all can collectively figure out what the hell is wrong with this team, as The Dark Ranger has run out of new ways to say "this team is sucking the barrel."



  1. Hey Dark Rangers. It's Steve from I just wanted to dispell the rumors of these two factions in the Rangers locker room. We had John Dellapina on our podcast today and asked him this specific question. His answer was that the notion was ridiculous and that Jagr and Shanny are on fantastic terms and talk all the time about the team and how to fix it. In fact, Dellapina said Jagr talks through Shanahan because he can't articulate his thoughts in English as well. To check out the interview you can go to or the specific episode link is

    The full interview is about a half hour long and extremely insightful.

  2. Steve...of course! John Dellapina feels it's ridiculous as he would immediately lose access to the team if he publicly felt otherwise. I appreciate the link - will give a listen this morning.

    It makes sense that they are working through things, but as the trade deadline approaches - AND WE KNOW SLATS - someone is positioning themselves as the leader behind closed doors. Whether it is Jagr, Shanny or Renney as team leader -- someone in that room feels changes will be taking place over the next couple of weeks.

    What does NYRangerscast think of this? How about you Steve? All is well and everyone getting along fondly in Rangerland?

  3. what a load of crap. no one in that locker room is on fantastic terms. When Sean Avery opened his big mouth to complain about the current play and how this year is different than last year, the Rangers brass installed a mouth-clamp to shut-negative-talk down. No one hurts the Dolans. No one challenges Sather. No one on our team talks negatively to the press. Especially, no one who has access to the team - John Dellapina - can say negative things either. This team is in the crapper.

  4. 1) No news here. We discussed this possibility in November of 2006!

  5. Dark Ranger. Of course Dellapina is going to give the company line. He is a house organ. My theory is that they are fed up with coach clueless and can't fix it because the Stealth GM is protecting his boy.

  6. All is not well in Rangerland!

    Faux had the insight last November (how could we Rangers fans believe this when we were winning?), Pundit and I have been preaching it, dj is calling out Steve from nyrangerscast (love blogging!) and if we are faced with a double loss to Atlanta this week....

    ...we are done. Over. Spend the playoff money on your spouse/girlfriend and thank them for listening to your moanings about the Rangers all season!


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