Thursday, January 10, 2008

TOUCHDOWN!, Philly 6, NYR 2

It keeps getting worse, now five losses in a row. What could possibly be next? Please hit the panic button now!

The Dark Ranger's nemesis the Flyers spanked The New York Rangers tonight at The Garden, peeling off another layer of the Blueshirt's confidence. It appeared that after Ryan Hollweg (the offensive machine!) scored the
first two goals of the game ending the first period, the tide was turning as the fourth HBO-line enforcer was the least likely player on the team to score against our rival Flyers - let alone two of his fifth career goals. This was followed by an onslaught of six Philadelphia goals - the hockey touchdown - shutting down any last drop of hope and ending another horrible loss to the New York Rangers. That leaves our boys with one point in five games. Good grief!

Due to unforgivable consecutive Blueshirt penalties at the end of the first and second (Dan Girardi cries, "Throw me your stick, Chrissy!") the Flyers opened the second and third periods with the power play advantage, flipping Henrik Lundqvist into mediocrity & the Rangers' momentum into a wave of 'orange & black.' Everything went downhill from there. As Mother Theresa would say, "we suck."

recap here.

Over forty games past the half-way point, last in the Atlantic Division and All-Stars still unable to play with each other (let alone against other teams) this is a professional hockey team on the outside looking in. It is looking grim. Thinking back to the opening of the season, it is ironic that anything short of first in the division and 'top two' in the Conference would have been an utter disappointment. I am embarrassed to have admitted to friends that I believed a Stanley Cup was in our future. I just wish I never said anything, as it's ringing in my head over and over and over....

It especially hurts losing to the Philadelphia Flyers. Tonight we sadly bow our heads, suck up the loss to a 'town known for cheesesteaks' and understand a little better how they might have felt all of last season. (sigh)



  1. And a field goal for Hartnell, the natural hat trick. Good to see the Flyers get a W from the Rangers finally. That's what happens when Dark gives up his seats to a known Flyers fan. Also great to see Gagne return after missing 30 games with the concussion. Jagr looked slow out he 40 yet?

  2. An orange jersey in my seats, rather than a black cape, is probably the reason The Rangers lost tonight.

    Also, I actually thought our tough-working Ryan Hollweg was going to steal the hat trick limelight tonight...what a shame. The poor guy. The only fairly decent coaching tonight was Renney letting Hollweg in the power play the final minute of that horrendous game.

    Brutal to watch. Even more brutal that a Flyers fan is the first to comment on the site. Typical Philly Fanatic... All Rangers fans are in mourning.

    Jagr looked seventy out there.

  3. 1) Can't recall when we've seen Lundqvist look worse in a game. Is he reverting back to his partying ways of early last year?
    2) At least in the new NHL when you win or lose a few games you don't fall in the standings too far out of it
    3) All one needs to do to get off the ledge this morning is look to where the rangers were last year at this time

  4. As a Leaf fan (even a realistic one), I feel like I'm the one who has the right here to hit the panic button. Sorry, rangas.

  5. domi...2 of the most financially successful franchises with the same problem. coach, overpriced veterans, nobody in management willing to do anything about it.

    faux...henrik if faltering, and it may have something to do with his sick Dad. al montoya should be brought in, not Valley, and give the new guy a shot. true on how close the division is, but you don't just start winning games for it to change. there is too much talent and they haven't delivered.


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