Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Their Kids Are Better Than Ours, Rangers 1, Penguins 4

Forget about "my Dad can beat up your Dad" because the Pittsburgh kids took care of it on their own. Not only did the kid-Penguins bitch-slap our rookie-Blueshirts, they virtually immobilized the entire Rangers team, limiting the Rangers to one mercy goal late in the third during last night's meeting. The Rangers have now lost five out of the last six games, including four losses in a row on the road.

Stellar goaltending by newcomer Penguin Ty Conklin and a hat-trick by the amazing 'faster than Scott Gomez' Pittsburgh Penguin rookie Evgeni Malkin handed us another loss on the road, ending our one-game winning streak. "Captain With Training Wheels" Jaromir Jagr scored the only goal in the third period preventing the shutout.

Tom Renney's not happy. Post game he looked spooked. What's next?

Echoing throughout this blog are '500 Ways To Say They Are Bad', and the Blueshirts are on a path of loss, as our coaching staff is back to his old ways: Marek Malik in the starting lineup and a perimeter offense again molded around our crusting and half-speed Captain. Always tough to watch.

The only redemption in the final twenty seconds was seeing Marc Staal stepping up for his team mates and with no reason other than on principle, he launched into retaliation. THIS is a reminder that the team needs to look out for each other and show their strength. We lack 'grit & hit' on the Rangers and if Tom Renney isn't willing to lift their confidence and spirit by coaching, the Rangers may be able to lift it through their fists.

Hit back Blueshirts. The season end point could be near and the 'fight back' might, at least, keep it interesting for the fans.



  1. The Rangers must have outshot the Penguins 3-to-1 and we still lost. The second period we destroyed them. man, this sucks.

  2. Conklin is a concrete wall. Unfortunately, dj, the Rangers destroyed themselves. The shots were calculated shots to the goal, they weren't 'dangerous shots' - during the third period, all shots looked desperate and they just fell apart.

    It is pretty depressing...Buffalo and the Rangers tomorrow night are both desperate to take back some pride. I hope I feel better Wed. night after the game. Eek.

  3. 1) They need to get a urine sample from Conklin because he couldn't stop a beach ball the last few years! Geez, when did he become George Vezina?
    2) Other than Ty, the Penguins didn't look al that good to us. Especially the last 2 periods when they appeared to be playing rope-a-dope.


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