Sunday, September 30, 2007

31 Penalties, Several Fights, Rangers Take Down Flyers 3-2

Here is a basic summary of the game:

The New York Rangers won tonight 3 to 2. That's it for hockey. The boxing match was as follows:
A total of 94 minutes in penalties were assessed, including 46 in the first period when New York's Chris Drury fought Richards and was given a major and a misconduct. The Rangers were given 54 minutes in penalties overall. Philadelphia's Jason Smith squared off with Colton Orr and Brendan Shanahan , and New York's Jason Strudwick fought Riley Cote in other bouts.

Pre-season is over. Our free agents feel like Rangers willing to take/give a hit. Everyone is whispering the Stanley Cup. Five days away and will be there with bells on!

Look for The Dark Ranger wearing a cape in Section 118 on Thursday - home opener.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Carnage Tonight at The Garden (UPDATED)

(Pre-game rant)
Tonights rematch against the NY Islanders will again showcase the grudge-holding talents of Ryan Hollweg, Chris Simon, Colton Orr, and perhaps a special goalie-to-goalie brawl between overpaid DiPietro and our very own Ranger Al Montoya.

Hang on to your seats and leave the kids home for this one, because it will be a trip to the old days when Islander hatred at the Garden will be showcased. Some things will never change!This is the last pre-season opportunity for some of the new Rangers prospects to make a starting impression with Coach Renney. Should be a rodeo!

UPDATE: (post-game notes) -
Brendan Shanahan scored twice to lift the New York Rangers to a 5-2 victory over the New York Islanders in a preseason game Friday night that lacked the star power and brawling of their previous matchup.

Many expected characters such as Simon, DiPietro and Montoya did not dress for the game tonight, which is why tonight actually resembled a real hockey game. The Isles came to the Garden with their second stringers while on the Blueshirts end, Jagr is sitting out for injuries (and will potentially be out tomorrow against Philly for the final Rangers pre-season meeting), Sean Avery remains injured and Coach Renney is radically changing up the lines. Henrik Lundquist played the entire game. Brendan Shanahan and Scott Gomez played well together; team chemistry is alive. Expect to see some Jags-Drury line action over the next week or so. (I had to include a picture of Colton Orr - our half-assed, full-heart enforcer - showing some sportsmanlike behavior to an opposing Long Islander)

Tomorrow night the NY Rangers will see their final pre-season opponent - the arch nemesis' bionic Flyers. I expect them to start most of their opening lineup as to put on a good show for the fans. After living through the last dreadful season of last place in the NHL, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has to do something for the fans pre-season. Oh right, there are the 'all you can eat' hockey seats......brilliance! The Dark Ranger expects nothing of tomorrow night, as we Ranger fans have come to realize that while every team we've played pre-season opened with their starters, while the NY Rangers are experimenting with a catalog of new prospects and first-class veterans.

This does not appear to be the Rangers of old. Six more days. MSG: Rangers vs. Florida.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Icy Reception In London Town

As suspected, the Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks are now parading around London on a double decker bus touting and showing off the Lord Stanley prize. They open a two-game league opening series against the Los Angeles Kings this weekend.

English spectators are baffled and don"t understand what it is, who they are and what they are doing in London. An English marketing director friend of The Dark Ranger reports that there is virtually no buzz or coverage on the local level, and even the annual (and also sold out) dog show is getting more attention. Great idea Bettman - cash that Phil Anschutz check today!

All in all, this is still a bad idea, though it does signal the beginning of the hockey season. There will not be any coverage in the States. If I were a Ducks or Kings season ticket holder, I would be pissed.

Leave the "around the world" NHL games in pre-season exhibition land, and keep the splashy openings on our own turf!



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

(UPDATE) Tonight is (was) Redemption - Rangers vs. Red Wings 7:30pm EST

(Before the game):
After a physical mess at Nassau Coliseum and a 5-4 loss to the NY Islanders last evening, the Rangers play their fourth pre-season match this evening - leaving the division rival teams to play one of the most consistent teams in the league.

The New York Rangers are on their way to Hockey Town playing the Detroit Red Wings in Preseason action tonight. "The King" Lundqvist will get his second start of the preseason and looking to improve on his 5 goals allowed effort in his first game. Jaromir Jagr and Scott Gomez will also hit the ice again after their less-than-stellar performance against Philadelphia last Saturday night (it's still a blur). Perhaps we'll see a little more of that training camp chemistry between Jags and Scottie. Look for an update this evening at game's end.

UPDATED (After the game):
The Detroit Red Wings destroyed the New York Rangers at Joe Louis Arena 6-1, in what appears to be another off-night for "The King" Lundqvist. For now in the pre-season, let's call him "The Prince" Lundqvist. Late in the second period with the Blueshirts trailing 4-0, coach Tom Renney took Henrik Lundqvist out and replaced him with Al Montoya, who performed extremely well. Defensive breakdowns in the pre-season are obvious, and hopefully this is just Renney experimenting with many line combinations. Go here for details.

Crap! ;)

Monday, September 24, 2007

One Simple Message (UPDATED)

"May Tonight Be Better!"
- The Dark Ranger

Tonight the New York Rangers will be embarking on their third pre-season game against the rival NY Islanders. Having lost just about every sharp-shooter due to free agency this off-season, the Islanders are not a force to be reckoned with so let's see if our starters can perhaps mix-it-up a bit and work on that chemistry we've been hearing about throughout training camp.

Does Chris Simon's suspension mean he cannot play pre-season games? If not, perhaps a Simon-Hollweg response is in order! KA-POOOWWW (as Simon's head hits the ice)....The Dark Ranger lurks.

UPDATE: The Rangers lost to the Islanders 5-4 in overtime, there were 10 major fights, more fights than any typical regular season game -- and Hollweg and Simon were involved in 3 of them. What a jerk -- and they even gave Chris Simon an Assistant Captainship. Pre-season folks. Go here for a full report. Tonight we see Detroit.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Simply, embarrassing!

NY Rangers (0), Flyers (5) (pre-season)

The Rangers (1-1-0) used mostly prospects and minor leaguers in their preseason opener Friday, a 4-3 win over the New Jersey Devils . Against the Flyers, the Rangers rolled out the veterans as forward Jaromir Jagr and goalie Henrik Lundqvist saw their first preseason action. It was also the first game the Rangers' two high-profile free-agent signings - centers Gomez and Drury.

Rangers of old? Rangers of new? (shrug) The Dark Ranger votes to move the team back to West Point for a little more emphasis on team building and team confidence. Our veterans on the ice looked bored (i.e. Jagr, Gomez) our goalkeeper, Henrik Lundquist didn't have a prayer with blue line embarrassment Rozsival- who after last night should be moving north to Hartford with his rookie comrades. Shameful defensive performance. Worrisome.

Leave the veterans off the ice and bring back the rookie Rangers that made the play against NJ feel so good during Friday night's performance (of course, I don't really mean that). We need our Captain Jagr to raise the level of play from the beginning of the season (including pre-season games). And worst of all, I was completely sober watching last night's game -- feel for The Dark Ranger!


Friday, September 21, 2007

We Take It, 4-3

The first game of the season (pre-season) ends with a New York Rangers victory filled with many hungry young kids looking to impress management by throwing themselves into the nearest NJ Devil.

Sean Avery taking out his teammate of four months ago, Kevin Weekes, is now the first-string backup to that Marty Fella. As expected, Avery made his presence known and again showed his affinity toward New Jersey goalies. Kevin Weekes was taken out of the game due to (temporary) injuries caused by Avery.

Ryan Callahan had a goal and an assist. Dane Byers, Blair Betts and Martin Straka also scored for the Rangers, while Al Montoya stopped 12-of-13 shots. On the Devils end, Brian Gionta posted a goal and an assist for the Devils.

I love Ryan Callahan -- he pulled a Brian Leetch on that second goal and it is inspiring to see some of our starters playing toward the net. Perhaps perimeter play is a thing of the past.

Tomorrow, the debut of Scott Gomez, Chris Drury and our Captain Jagr playing on the ice tomorrow against my favorite Philadelphia Flyers. Have I mentioned how much I dislike the orange and black?


Pre-Season Matchup vs. NJ Devils Tonight, 7pm EST

In the first pre-season game tonight against the rival NJ Devils, we expect to see Coach Tom Renney mixing up the Rangers lines and giving some of the new guys some pro-ice time.

Jagr & Gomez & Drury will probably not line-up tonight, but on the first line we should see Avery, Shanahan and Anisimov. Dubinsky will center, Straka and Callahan. Third line Betts, Hollweg and Colton Orr. The fourth line will feature new prospects that have made the cuts. The first-line of defense will most likely be Tyutin and Girardi. "The King" Lundquist will not start in goal tonight, but expect to see Montoya and Valiquette starting.

It's hockey time in NYC - the buzz is low, but the adrenaline is high.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Draft beer, not people!

It is only appropriate to insert a 'little politics' and my desire to be holding a large pint of beer at The Garden on the eve of the New York Rangers heading from the training facilities to the United States Military West Point Academy. They will be practicing a series of team building exercises and "living in cots" for a couple of days to bond as disciplined hockey men.

If you recall, Coach Tom Renney sent the Rangers to this prestigious U.S. Army Academy post-lockout two seasons ago, which led to the Blueshirts dominating the division (though due to injuries they were knocked out by the Devils), and making the playoffs for the first time in, I believe, nine years. It worked then. May it work now.

The expectations are huge in New York City for this highly publicized hockey franchise, with Madison Square Garden touting that every single ticket sold-out for all eighty two games - the first time ever for all remaining tickets to be sold in one hour. Tickets prices are skyrocketing and season ticket holders (like me) now possess some of the more valuable tickets for a New York team. Regular season tickets, on questionable sites such as Stubhub and Ticketmaster Auctions, are pricing at 200% the face value. Who ever thought hockey could only be afforded by the financial elite?

Consider some of the following updates, some could be true or false (you be the judge) -- but regardless it means this anticipated season is upon us, people are talking in the blogosphere and that means the ice is freezing in September:

* Twelve players have been cut and transferred back to Hartford camp: goalies Chris Holt and Matt Zaba; defensemen Clayton Barthel, Corey Potter, and Jake Taylor; forwards Joe Barnes, Alex Bourret, Brodie Dupont, Mitch Fritz, Bruce Graham, Greg Moore, and Jordan Owens.

* Darius Kasparaitus - subject of an earlier blog, the Rangers cannot afford and apparently word on the street is that he may be a Buffalo Sabre over the next week or so. Agents are talking and that means the trading season is also beginning to buzz.

* Robert Esche - is in secret discussions with Glen Sather and management to make him a bone fide backup goalie to Henrik Lundquist. Salary room is now an issue, but Esche's history with Philly last year may make him eligible for a low salary with 'bonuses for play'. Infamous Eckland - the secret hockey blogger - has discussed it, but this is an active consideration in the NY Rangers management. Apparently, Stephen Valiquette has not impressed the brass to solidify his 'second goalie status to a cup' contender.

* There are mumblings that Jamomir Jagr will be telling ghost stories to teammates in English and Czech around the campfire Wednesday night at West Point. (the only 'not true')

Around 12 days until opening....

The Blue Army marches.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Training Camp Groupies Included

The following resources are providing superb coverage of the MSG Training Camp and the potential line combinations and ongoings of this newly improved New York Rangers. The Dark Ranger will pick it up as we get closer to the season, but check in with:
Blueshirt Bulletin ( 'by the hour' coverage), NY Sports Day (daily) and Rangers Report (the word of Sam!).

Enjoy and let's go Rangers! tdr

Friday, September 14, 2007

Meatballs, Part 5

You are suffering from Darius Kasparaitus Syndrome. Take this medicine, call your parents, leave camp early and get yourself back to Hartford for rest.

Sometimes hockey players do not know when to quit. A puck in the head would be an easy way out. Such is the sad case of one of my favorite defensive veterans, Darius Kasparaitus, who in the off-season has given himself a makeover by losing 20 lbs, recovered from an unexpected trip from the NY Rangers starting lineup to the Hartford Wolfpack minor farm team, a divorce, a psychological breakdown and a heart-to-heart with NYR general manager, Glen Sather reminiscing about how the early-years Eric Lindros was once very scared of getting hit by Darius.

Sam Weinman, of The Rangers Report is onsite at training camp this afternoon and had this to say, "The first day for Darius Kasparaitis wasn’t exactly a triumphant one. He may have been quicker, but he also coughed up the puck several times during the scrimmage. Maybe it was first day nerves, but he can’t afford to have a second day like it." Steve Zipay from Newsday adds, "...Kasparaitis, paired with Paul Mara, is quicker, but made some poor passes."

Even if Darius impresses the coaching staff and 'steps it up', there is an impossible $3 million liability looming over his head with the NY Rangers already hitting the maximum cap salary allowed. There are just too many 'up & coming' Ranger young'ens (Marc Staal, Brodie Dupont, Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi) to consider spending that level of salary for a player looking to prove something mostly to himself.

There would be nothing more exciting seeing Darius a Ranger again showing up against Florida in October - the fans would go bonkers - a house of 'wild', but don't expect it unless you're willing to drive through New Haven and head north straight to the Hartford minors. An expensive dream.

Hey Darius, The Dark Ranger has been cured of "Kasparaitus Nostalgia", a nasty little hockey-fan-disease, so let me offer a simple gesture that will make it all easier.

It's time.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

NY Rangers Training Camp Day

As you know, The Dark Ranger is a great fan of the New York Rangers - and unfortunately, was not able to take advantage of an invitation to training camp -- so I leave the exciting reports to my fellow Blueshirt bloggers who were able to clear their schedules and hit the ice.

Day to day coverage can be found here, here, here, here, here and here.

The season approaches and this is all very exciting stuff. Let's Go Rangers!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Little-Champs and Only the Beginning

Our determined team of 22 little-Rangers prospects left Traverse City, Mich., last night with a well-deserved championship in the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament. One year after finishing fourth in their first trip to this event, the Blueshirts were unstoppable, winning four straight games, including a 5-1 win over defending champ Columbus on Tuesday night.

NY Rangers activities began today with Tom Renney talking to reporters about the prospects and training camp which begins tomorrow
(press here for a good recap, Blueshirt Bulletin) -- it will be interesting over the next couple of weeks to see who 'makes-the-cut' and who gets sent to Hartford. Sam Weinman of Rangers Report makes a supporting observation that Darius Kasparaitus is looking fit and fancy (press here), which will bring a little $3 million salary cap dilemma if he impresses the coaching staff, questions of whether Marc Staal will be brought up from the minors as part of our much-needed defensive lines, and questions still abound as to what lines Chris Drury and Scotty Gomez will fit into. Apparently, our Boy-Jagr-Wonder is coming off a summer looking fit and ready to play.

The Rangers of the last two seasons, through the impressive coaching of Tom Renney, have been a team built around it's superstar - Jagr (a European style of system). What will be fun to observe in the first half of the season is whether the team remains a Jagr-centric level of perimeter play, with the roster now having more North American-style players on the team willing to throw themselves into the net. The Dark Ranger thinks the latter.

In regards to the roster at the moment, Steve Zipay On The Rangers Beat (press here), shares the roster of today -- this will change day to day.
Goalies---(6)---Lundqvist, Valiquette, Montoya, Wiikman, Zaba and Holt.
Defensemen---(18)---Rozsival, Malik, Mara, Tyutin, Girardi, Kasparaitis, Pock, Strudwick, Staal, Sauer, Sanguinetti, Hutchinson, Baranka, Busto, Liffiton, Taylor, Potter and Clayton Barthel, a 21-year old free agent who made camp off a surprising Traverse City showing, said coach Tom Renney.
Wingers---(18)--- Jagr, Shanahan, Avery, Straka, Prucha, Callahan, Hossa, Hollweg, Orr, Dawes, Dupont, Bourret, Korpikoski, Jessiman, Byers, Moore, Lessard and Fritz.
Centers---(9)----Drury, Gomez, Betts, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Pyatt, Barnes, Graham, and Owens.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All-You-Can-Eat Lip Service

So you're a Philadephia Flyers fan?

Last season you were in last place in all of the NHL. Bobby Clarke has been the problem for years, but halfway through the season he was removed (retired) and coach Ken Hitchcock was fired for a straight six or seven losses. They promise the return of the "Broad Street Bullies" and rebuild the Bionic Philly Flyers by acquiring free-agents Daniel Briere (Buffalo Sabres), Kimmo Timonen and Scott Hartnell (Nashville Predators), Jason Smith (Edmonton) and a bunch of prospects.

The fans are still not optimistic. Tickets are available for the first time in years. So what do you do as a hockey franchise?

Hungry sports fans rejoice! The “All-You-Can-Eat” tickets for Philadelphia Flyers games, along with individual game Flyers tickets, will go on sale on Saturday, September 15 at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased exclusively through ComcastTIX by clicking here, calling 1-800-298-4200 or by visiting the Wachovia Complex Box Office.

This has to hurt on so many levels if you are a Flyers fan and sad to me that one of the most competitive hockey towns has to use "like minded Branson, Missouri packages" to get fans back in the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Oh, and Bobby Clarke is involved in the general management sorry Philly!




The Rangers prospects in Traverse City are currently 3-0, all is good in little-RangerLand.

As training camp begins this week, I leave my loyal viewers with ONE MORE NON-HOCKEY VIDEO to contemplate.

As you know, hockey enthusiast Britney Spears gave her all the other night at the VMA's in Las Vegas. Critically slammed as "a Horrible Performance" this fan decided to present a beautiful counterpoint.

So with that, I give you "Leave Britney Alone!"


(then back to hockey)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Interview With Shanny

The following interview is from the New York Rangers official site:

Rangers alternate captain Brendan Shanahan, who tied for the team lead with 29 goals and became an inspirational leader both on and off the ice last season, has been working out at the Madison Square Garden Training Center in preparation for the start of the Blueshirts' main training camp on Thursday.

The eight-time NHL All-Star is one of many Rangers veterans who showed up early at the Training Center for informal on-ice and off-ice workouts. As he enters his 20th NHL season, the 38-year-old Shanahan is determined to add to his collection of three Stanley Cup rings, which he earned during an outstanding run with Detroit from 1996 to 2006.
Shanahan took time out from a workout last week for an exclusive five-minute interview with How was your summer and what have you been up to in the off-season?

Shanahan: I stayed in New York until the beginning of July, but I have a house in Cape Cod, so we went there and spent the rest of the summer there. It's a quiet town and I'm kind of a bit of a homebody there. As much fun as it is to be in New York and enjoy all the good things about this city, out there I'm mostly just grilling steaks and playing with the kids in the yard. We have a little beach area, and the kids pretty much mastered their swimming in the ocean this year. We all enjoyed throwing seaweed at each other and burying each other in the sand. Now that you play for the Rangers, did you find you were treated differently by people up there?

Shanahan: I played nine seasons with the Red Wings, and now that I'm a Ranger I get recognized way more (in Cape Cod) than during my nine years there in Detroit. I think the way I used to leave in September and come in the summer, people used to think I was a school teacher. But playing on the East Coast now and playing in New York, the secret's out among my neighbors as to what I do for a living. Last year you arrived in New York as a relative outsider to the city. Do you feel a big difference in your comfort level as you return for this second season?

Shanahan: It's night and day as far as knowing the city and knowing how things work. If you've never lived in the city, you just don't know and you just don't understand. For example, how things work at the grocery store or what you do with your car when you're trying to unload your bags in a building and cars are behind you honking. And then you bring your car to garages and they wave you away because your car's too big or they're too full. All those things that you take for granted once you've lived in the city for a while and you know how things work. I remember the first time I went grocery shopping, I walked out of there with like 15 grocery bags in my arms. I had to stop and rest about 10 times on the way home. The next time I went in, the lady said that for $3 extra they could deliver it all. So I've already learned that the greatest part of New York is delivery. But,yes, I do feel a lot more comfortable that way. I know my wife likes the city and I know my kids like the city, so I don't have to worry about that stuff. What went through your mind on July 1 when you heard that the Rangers had signed Chris Drury and Scott Gomez?

Shanahan: I was excited, but at the same time it put me in a different state of mind. All of a sudden, you're happy when you hear the news, but you immediately start thinking "OK, we've got to get to work here." I wasn't thinking: "Hey, we got these guys! Put the champagne on ice and plan the parade!" No, once I realized that the team had gone out and helped get the horses, now we've got to make it happen. I've played on really good teams that have won the Cup, and I've played on Stanley Cup favorites that have been swept in the first round or knocked out before the Finals. I mean, like in Detroit in 1999, if our goalies weren't hurt, we might have gone 16-0 in the playoffs that year. We were on our way. We swept Anaheim and then went into Colorado and beat them twice with before we lost the next four games. Does your sense of what it takes to win a championship make it harder for you to get your hopes up on a day like July 1?

Shanahan: It's not even that. I was excited because I know now that it's up to us. We have a chance to do something special, and that's all you can ask for as a player that your management team puts you in a position that you're not saying "Well, we hope to be better this year." Now we're saying that we hope to win it. Every year there's probably about half a dozen or maybe eight teams that have the players to win the Cup, but only one of them can win. We're one of those teams right now. How do you hope to benefit from returning to the MSG Training Center a full two weeks before the start of training camp?

Shanahan: You want to take care of all the little things off the ice, so that you're not distracted once the real camp starts. It's also just to get familiar with the ice and your equipment again. For me, it's kind of just making sure that I'm not showing up on Day One and trying to feel good. You want to already know you've kind of worked out the kinks a couple of weeks before. You suffered a rather frightening concussion last season. Do you feel any lingering effects from that?

Shanahan: No, nothing. I'm pretty lucky that it was my first concussion. A lot of the symptoms that I've heard about from other guys who had concussions, well, I had none of them. I had one symptom, which was vertigo, but a lot of the neurological symptoms you hear about -- like nausea and mood swings and lack of sleeping – I never had any of those. Not even in the first week. So as far as this season goes, do you feel like you never had that concussion at all?

Shanahan: Yes, that's right. I can't say it any better than that. This will be your 20th NHL season. Your former teammate in Detroit, Chris Chelios, once said he never imagined he'd play this long because when he broke into the league, nobody played that many years. Back in 1987, would you have believed you would still be playing in 2007?

Shanahan: It's like the same thing that Chris said. When I started, the clock was ticking when you turned 30, and nobody played until they were 40. But guys train better and train harder today. Medicine is better and surgeries are quicker, with shorter recovery times. It's just like what a lot of people are saying about their careers in the fashion industry – 40 is the new 30! It's the same in hockey. But in the end, the game is about helping your team win. I've always done my best to not be a one-dimensional player, because I think if you package yourself as just one thing, then when that thing goes, you go. The longer you want to play, you just do your best to make sure you can still do something that helps your team win that they can't get from someone else.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Maybe

With training camp approaching and a Stanley Cup vision ahead, let us look back to one of the most unique players on the Blueshirts bench, Colton Orr. Standing at 6 feet, 2 inches and 220 lbs of Ranger, this $525,000 per this season 25-year old enforcer remains an odd force and a loyal hit-man for our Rangers coach Tom Renney.

Give this a read:
Colton Orr appeared in 53 games with the Rangers, registering two goals and one assist, along with 126 penalty minutes ... Established career-highs in games played (53), goals (two), points (three), and penalty minutes (126) … Ranked third on the team and tied for 18th in the NHL with 126 penalty minutes

These stats will leave anyone scratching their head, and recently I read someone post a rant on "how in the world could any responsible franchise keep a guy like this on board for a third season straight?"

Let it be known that The Dark Ranger is a fan of Colton Orr! There, I said it.

For better or worse, for 'ass-kicking' or 'ass-kicked' - this guy has heart! He played 2/3 of last season's games and provided protection when needed, even if that required dropping his gloves to Donald Brashear of the Washington Capitals after Jagr received a couple of unnecessary jabs. He is fearless. He will take a beating to make a point. He is a New York Ranger team player.

For your visual enjoyment (if you've gotten this far), I have assembled some of my favorite Colton Orr moments of the last two seasons - some good, some bad. I attended the game when the Rangers played the Philly Flyers March 21, 2007. Fedoruk was knocked out unconscious and had to be carried off the ice in a stretcher; though a scary moment in hockey (and just not good), it cemented Colton Orr's place in seasons to come as a young and upcoming enforcer in the new NHL. The following clips are my own personal celebration of "The Guy That Will Never Be King (but will be really good friends with him)."

Press any link for a video clip and enjoy Colton Orr in action:

here vs. Todd Fedoruk - Flyers (RATED First-rate ass kicking),
here vs. Brashear - Capitals (RATED Complete ass-kicked, but A+ for fighting "the famous left hook"),
here vs. McGrattan - Senators (RATED Win, Orr kicks it)
here vs. Boulton - Thrashers (RATED tie, but Orr advantage)
here vs. Wade Belak - Leafs (RATED Loss, but kudos for fighting a very large man),
here vs. Jason Strudwick - Bruins (RATED Win, for beating up his now teammate),
here vs. Cam Janssen Round 1 - Devils (RATED Tie and note the complete deterioration of Janssen's jersey),
here vs. Cam Janssen Round 2- Devils (RATED Win and Justice).


Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome Back, Brian!

The fans finally demanded his return. Slats pretended to be happy. And best of all, the New York Rangers management buys every single ticket on Stubhub and Ticketmaster Auction available before announcing the date. Schucks!

Brian Leetch's jersey No.2 will be retired on January 24, 2008, now to be forever hanging below the historical rafters of Madison Square Garden prior to the Rangers/Atlanta game. He will join Rod Gilbert (7), Eddie Giacomin (1), Mike Richter (35) and Mark Messier (11) as the only Rangers players to have their jersey numbers retired in the history of the franchise.

Brian Leetch holds the franchise record with 741 career assists and ranks second in career points (981) and games played (1,129). Leetch also holds the Rangers record for goals by a defenseman, with 240.

"I appreciate that the New York Rangers have extended the honor of raising my jersey to the Madison Square Garden rafters alongside team icons Rod, Eddie, Mike, and Mark," Leetch said. "New York City, the Garden and Rangers fans hold a special place in my heart and have supplied me with a lifetime of extraordinary memories. This night will be a very special one for me and my family and I look forward to returning to Madison Square Garden and being able to call it home."

And of course, look for that eight hundred dollar ticket in the 300 level! We're happy for you Leetchie. We still don't understand why you were shipped away in the first place. Welcome back. We, the fans, love and honor you.

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