Monday, September 24, 2007

One Simple Message (UPDATED)

"May Tonight Be Better!"
- The Dark Ranger

Tonight the New York Rangers will be embarking on their third pre-season game against the rival NY Islanders. Having lost just about every sharp-shooter due to free agency this off-season, the Islanders are not a force to be reckoned with so let's see if our starters can perhaps mix-it-up a bit and work on that chemistry we've been hearing about throughout training camp.

Does Chris Simon's suspension mean he cannot play pre-season games? If not, perhaps a Simon-Hollweg response is in order! KA-POOOWWW (as Simon's head hits the ice)....The Dark Ranger lurks.

UPDATE: The Rangers lost to the Islanders 5-4 in overtime, there were 10 major fights, more fights than any typical regular season game -- and Hollweg and Simon were involved in 3 of them. What a jerk -- and they even gave Chris Simon an Assistant Captainship. Pre-season folks. Go here for a full report. Tonight we see Detroit.


  1. 1) We believe Simon has been playing in almost all the isle's preseason tilts. Probably because he won't be eligible to play their first 5 regular season games.
    2) Haven't heard yet if he's slated to skate tonight, but we'd be surprised to see any shenanigans from Chris if he did play. the microscope will be upon him whenever the isles and rangers match up tis season

  2. Not only has Simon been playing for them, he has been wearing the "A" ... nothing like rewarding Simon the Barbarian for dragging the game through the mud ...

  3. This is fascinating to me. Here is Chris Simon a "Ted Nolen protected guy" who is guilty of 'intent to hit' by the NHL. He hits poor Hollweg unfairly on the ice during an NHL game and gets only five in-season games suspension. If his stick was slightly higher and Hollweg ended up with a broken neck - would the penalty have been much more?

    Off the topic of Simon, but related to Bettman Bullshit -- take for example Mark Bell of the Toronto Leafs. Here is a guy who did a bad thing Off-The-Ice. He was drunk, involved in an accident, hit someone in the process, but does every step necessary to repent (accepts blame, is apologetic, is GOING TO JAIL after this season...)- every right step having done a bad thing. So for this incident 'off-the-ice' and nothing to do with the game, the LEAGUE (Bettman) suspends him for 15 games.

    What the f*$k?

    Dan Heatley was involved in a fatal car crash where he was at fault and the NHL never stepped in, because it wasn't an NHL matter OFF_THE_ICE...

    Strange things happening.


  4. dark,...regarding the dany heatly comment, This angers me because if it were you or I that was driving over 100-130kms/hour and this caused someone to can bet we would do jail time for it and we would be penalized for it in whatever job we had. i dont' think the NHL delivered any penalty on killing someone-drunk or reckless driving is one in the same.
    It bothers me that being with fame status live by a different set of rules!

  5. 1) Guess we were wrong about what would happen tonight! LOL
    2) Seems it may be an interesting 8 games between these teams this season
    3) Dark, Simon recieved a 25 game suspension last year. He served 20 games so far so thats why he has 5 remaining. Will be interesting if he recieves additional 'time off' for tonight's game misconduct

  6. Strange game and the Simon thing has shocked me. You could make a case for more suspension after tonight.

  7. faux,...mea culpa. you are correct. Hawk would be proud. lol. what a brawl last night...

  8. 1) The game ended in OT, not a shoot out. If anyone missed this one, too bad, its what all us hockey/fighting lovers recall the game used to be like/should be.
    2) Lots of intensity/fisticuffs. Let them settle things with their fists, not with their sticks up(Simon last spring!)
    3) BTW, anyone who didn't see the goalie fight, it wasn't much. More dancing than anything. NOTHING like the Cloutier pummeling of Salo, though Ricky did get one or two in.

  9. Dark-

    Recall that Heatley wasn't drunk, but was driving recklessly. He gets the punishment on his license but doesn't have much else to go on criminally speaking. Snyder's parents could have sued for wrongful death, but that wasn't going to put Heatley behind bars.

    If you want to play the "if" game with Simon, play it. In no way should anyone think that he shouldn't have been suspended, but saying "if the stick was a little higher, he would've been in more trouble" doesn't cut it. Hockey's a game of inches and using "if" is a waste of time. If the puck was an inch higher, a player might have scored. If a goalie waits a split second longer, he might not be beaten on a breakaway. If Hollweg throws an elbow or Simon lands awkwardly, he'd be the one suspended and Simon would just be another goon.

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