Friday, September 21, 2007

Pre-Season Matchup vs. NJ Devils Tonight, 7pm EST

In the first pre-season game tonight against the rival NJ Devils, we expect to see Coach Tom Renney mixing up the Rangers lines and giving some of the new guys some pro-ice time.

Jagr & Gomez & Drury will probably not line-up tonight, but on the first line we should see Avery, Shanahan and Anisimov. Dubinsky will center, Straka and Callahan. Third line Betts, Hollweg and Colton Orr. The fourth line will feature new prospects that have made the cuts. The first-line of defense will most likely be Tyutin and Girardi. "The King" Lundquist will not start in goal tonight, but expect to see Montoya and Valiquette starting.

It's hockey time in NYC - the buzz is low, but the adrenaline is high.



  1. I still hate Sean Avery (=

    Seriously...I really wish something could be done about players running goalies all the time. Ah well, at least it sounds like Weekes will be okay.

    Rangers looked pretty good tonight. Montoya was either nervous or he can't handle the puck to save his life, and Valiquette was pretty decent but the Devils really did make him look better than he did play. Regardless, I don't think you guys have too much to worry about in terms of goaltending.

    Fun game tonight. Congrats on the win. Feel sorry for me though -- our defense is awful. )=


  2. Patricia,...your defense will work through it - they did not look terrible, and it was fun to watch two teams of rookies battling it out.

    I am certainly happy to have that Sean Avery on my team -- and what is it about NJ Devil goalies? I'll never forget that Marty Brodeur moment last year...

    Eek. The real games count next week.


  3. Sean Avery is definitely a Claude Lemieux player -- you hate him unless you have him on your team.

    However, I cannot condone what he did tonight. You just don't do that in the PRESEASON. It's disgusting, actually. I would say the same thing if he was playing for a different team (even my team).

    At least Weekes will be okay. I wouldn't rule out a concussion though. You bet your butt that if Marty was in net tonight, Avery would have gotten the snot beat out of him by SOMEONE on the Devils.

    The Devils didn't look too bad. Just had some chemistry issues -- it'll be resolved with time. I'm not too happy about our ever-growing list of injuries though. Asham is the latest Devil battling the ouchies. At least Langenbrunner's surgery was a success and it sounds like White did not sustain any visual damage after taking a puck to the eye.



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