Saturday, September 22, 2007


Simply, embarrassing!

NY Rangers (0), Flyers (5) (pre-season)

The Rangers (1-1-0) used mostly prospects and minor leaguers in their preseason opener Friday, a 4-3 win over the New Jersey Devils . Against the Flyers, the Rangers rolled out the veterans as forward Jaromir Jagr and goalie Henrik Lundqvist saw their first preseason action. It was also the first game the Rangers' two high-profile free-agent signings - centers Gomez and Drury.

Rangers of old? Rangers of new? (shrug) The Dark Ranger votes to move the team back to West Point for a little more emphasis on team building and team confidence. Our veterans on the ice looked bored (i.e. Jagr, Gomez) our goalkeeper, Henrik Lundquist didn't have a prayer with blue line embarrassment Rozsival- who after last night should be moving north to Hartford with his rookie comrades. Shameful defensive performance. Worrisome.

Leave the veterans off the ice and bring back the rookie Rangers that made the play against NJ feel so good during Friday night's performance (of course, I don't really mean that). We need our Captain Jagr to raise the level of play from the beginning of the season (including pre-season games). And worst of all, I was completely sober watching last night's game -- feel for The Dark Ranger!



  1. Thank god this was a pre-season game. The Rangers sucked tonight and i cannot believe how horrible Scott Gomez looked on the ice. Chris Durry was better, but the veterans looked horrible. The defense was terrible which includes Rosival- OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE. He absolutely sucked....unbelievable. I hope we have more to look forward to than this.

  2. dj, was a complete embarrassment - I agree, especially after such a promising display of rookies playing NJ the night before. Though, those on defense are getting the boot north back to Hartford, but it looked like LUndquist gave up after a couple of great saves. There was nothing on our blue line. Jagr looked bored.

    I hated watching that game last night. My family is reeling. It is true the only good thing is that it was pre-season.

  3. Exactly, it was preseason, so no reason to get suicidal. The thing I think is funny is that everyone has said that we are soooo deep on offense now and our defense is still weak but I think it was the forwards who looked paper thin - Friday's defensive corps looked good, use some of Saturday's as backups and you have a good unit. I think the blue line will end up being a strength as our stars on offense start to bicker ...

  4. Didn't watch because it's preseason but was very happy to see that the Flyers, even in preseason, were capable of scoring 5 goals. And extremely happy it was against the Rangers...even if just preseason. Go Eagles!

  5. I wonder if you had attended the game fdarangers, whether or not you sat in one of those 'all you can eat' seats?

    They will be a strong presence in the Atlantic - The Dark Ranger will float above the Wachovia Center and lurk, wait and strike...


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