Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blueshirts 'Spezza' By Ottawa, NYR 5, Senators 2

Ottawa Senator's Jason Spezza was fast.  Captain Dan Alfredsson was playing his game.   But the Rangers showed up after a disappointing loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins the night earlier, 2-3, and 'wow'ed the Garden faithful with a makeover team and some new shining stars.

The Boys on Broadway failed to disappoint last evening in the home opener at MSG against the Ottawa Senators.  It was a fantastic win, setting the stage to believe in them for the remainder of the season -- always a dangerous precedent.  Despite the win there were unhappy Rangers fans continuing their loser tradition of boo'ing their own players -- which I think is assinine the second game into a new season and new roster -- and this time overpaid Michal Rozsival received as many as Brashear, but I digress....

We won!  Official recap here.

Sounding almost redundant, thank the heavens for Henrik Lundqvist our miracle worker in goal.  After a scoreless and scary first period, he held a brick wall in front of the net, as countless Senators lobby-ed their way into Blueshirt territory, Henrik saving 19 of 20 shots in the second period alone -- and allowing our boys to take a substantial lead 3-1.  

Vinny Prospal appears to be taking his on-again, off-again professional career a bit more seriously as he scored a goal and rotated his shifts like a pro should -- it is certain former Tampa Bay brass are kicking themselves in the pants right at this moment for not renewing his contract.  Former holdout NYR Brandon Dubinsky ended the evening with an impressive 2 goals, 1 assist -- reminding us what he has at stake given his duties in centering super-groinal Marian Gaborik.  Dubie nailed it.   (add him to your fantasy lineup 'cause he's going to deliver points galore).    First-time NHL'er 19-year old Michael Del Zotto scored his first professional goal to open the third period and secure the momentum swing the Blueshirts needed to conquer the game. 

Marian Gaborik.  Wow.  Stay healthy and we might expect that Atlantic division title.
“The excitement was there (Saturday) night with the great fans out there. I got chills when I skated out on the ice. It was great, especially with the win.”
- Right wing Marian Gaborik, who scored his second goal in as many games in the Rangers' 5-2 victory Saturday over Ottawa.

As nostalgic and hopeful we all become after opening night at The Garden, I still remain hesitant to pour my 'Stanley Cup dreams' into this team.  They are quicker, they are a more skilled team and there are moments of greatness.  But the power play remains a zombie, the Blueshirts going 0 for 5 with the advantage (that is now 0-9 over the season on the PP) and I still feel that the roster is missing that 'stay-at-home quarterback' to take the burden off of Henrik.  I trust the power play will improve (it numerically has to) but I cannot say that about our blueline.  We need help on defense, plain & simple.

So with that Rangers fans, it was a good night for The Dark Ranger and his legions of hopeful followers.  We expect more of the same and see you tomorrow night against the Devils of Newark!  M-A-R-TTTTTTTTT-YYYY.....(not so great last night against Philly, Marty!!!!)




  2. I have to say smart move on behalf of the garden to just announce the team all at once this year. Lord knows how many fans were waiting to boo themselves hoarse upon hearing Brashears introduction. Though I also have to wonder if part of it has to do with Del Zotto and that nine day decision making period.
    I like the new attacking offense, but I hope we can tweak and refine it just a little bit.. and make sure we have the puck before we head up ice and take up some smoother passing and playmaking to avoid the chip it forward before too many teams pick up on it.

    I also like that Gaborik doesnt seem to shy away from contact.


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