Wednesday, April 7, 2010

By a thread...


Well, we knew it would be a tough game. Perhaps we didn't expect it to be this tough and hoped our momentum would carry us through. An off night from Ryan Miller could have perhaps helped. No such luck, and the slugs clinched the Northeast Division against us with that win.

Read the official recap here.

Coming in to this one, we had been given some confidence that things had finally clicked in regards to our team, its temperamental coach and the "minutes for merit system" were promised at the start of the season. The newly discovered secret weapon of a spirited 4th line had been making a name for itself coming into this game and last night was no different. Brandon Prust continued to prove why he deserves a contract next season. P.A. Parenteau also made a case for his good in small doses reputation. That, however, is where our offense ended. The big guns were never really able to generate their expected output. The returning Ryan Callahan played his usual gritty, high energy game as he entered the area in front of the net to screen Miller, despite having to add a knee brace to his equipment...but it wasn't enough.

Miller made great saves for Buffalo when it counted...and our boys in blue were exposed for the one trick ponies they were, as our 4th line and Hartford imports couldn't carry the offense. We then got beat up the ice on every rush. Often the back checking forwards stumbled into the zone - if they got there at all... only adding to the confusion. Dan Girardi looked horrible on defense as he spun in different directions hoping a Buffalo player, any Buffalo player, would hand him a clue as they flew past. After 3 goals, Torts was ready for a change and brought in Alex Auld to replace Henrik Lundqvist. It's a coaches decision, and while its not the popular one, it was clear that it had little bearing on the outcome; as even the best goalies get flustered after they are faced with rush after rush and uncontested screenings from guys the size of coke machines.

Whats worse that the fly-girls from 'Philthadelphia' still managed to win their game, rising past Boston and gaining some distance from us. The good news is they can't gain anymore ground between now and our games on Friday, then Sunday. Our game in hand is tonight against Toronto. A win tonight is necessary for the home and home series to mean anything. We're hanging by the proverbial thread now, ladies and gents. Funny, it doesn't feel much different, does it? If we lose tonight or Friday... All I can say is prepare for Sunday... Bloody Sunday.

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