Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kaberle Trade Worth a First-round Pick?

Hello dear readers of DARK --- on the verge of The Hawks sweeping the Philadephia Flyers (crossing fingers here), let us not forget we are only weeks away from the NHL draft and trade-day July 1 (aka as Hockey New Years Day) when GM's across the land revamp rosters and create new promises for the fans --- 'this is the year we take the Cup' and reinvigorate the off-season with promises of 'remember when (cue Messier holding up the Cup) and how much The Hobbit will bring to the table this season (cue him not making it through Camp).

Something of NY Ranger interest that grabbed my attention is Maple Leafs GM-du jour Brian Burke looking to regain a first-round pick (having traded their coveted 1st-round pick in the draft to Boston -- which turned out to be the 2nd pick -- for an over-valued Phil Kessel last season) by shopping Tomas Kaberle this early in the game --- and being public about it. Perhaps the 'NY Rangers sometimes-Jedi Master Sather' can pull off another' Gomez-like trade' by using our first-rounder, plus dumping a Rozzy or Redden and a couple of 'over-hyped Wolfpack members' to take on a solid D-man (Kaberle) without severely altering the salary cap. It's possible and given the relationship between Slats and Burkie, it's entirely probable.  The elephant-in-the-room would be "who the f*ck wants Redden or Rozzy?

The official Kaberle window-shopping announcement below:
TORONTO STAR/TSN.CA: reported Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke admitted two NHL teams have made inquiries into the trade status of veteran defenseman Tomas Kaberle although he said so far those inquiries were "more than nibbles". Kaberle has a two-month window in his contract from now until August 1st where the Leafs could trade him to any team without his permission. Burke said he's "not committed" to trading Kaberle but said it was his job to consider offers pitched to him. 
Once we are through the hateful thought that the Flyers could win the Cup, and as the Hawks hopefully celebrate their first cup since the 60's (I think 1961?) --- it's fun time in hockey, folks. The Dark Ranger will be there in Toronto over the July 1 hockey orgy reporting as usual and crossing fingers, rubbing elbows and cross-checking Leaf fans the entire time.

Maybe this coming season is The Year!!! (he he he heee.....I sadly dribbled spit saying those words)

Happy summer and what's to come, dear patrons of DARK.



  1. Kaberle has only disappointed Leafs fans, as much as Redden or Rosival. Not sure he is the right direction for the rangers when youth seems to be the theme. Just resign Staal and Del Zotto and Girardi and that is a right direction for now.

  2. I disagree with your analogy as Kaberle is proven to be a solid veteran presence -- can't say much about the expensive d-men around him though.

    Many would disagree with you on Girardi as I think he's trade bait this season. Staal will be re-signed to a significant contract and DelZotto will remain a Ranger for a long, long time.

    Look out, THE HOBBIT IS COMING TO MSG AS A RANGER!!! (this is big news for the Rangers (sarcasm included))

  3. Kaberle will not be traded for a first rounder this season! Kaberle is one of the better first pass D men in the league and avg 50-60 points per season. Best of all he is a 4.25 million dollare cap hit!
    He put the veto on a flyers first round pick and Jeff Carter 2 years ago and Leaf fans are still bothered by that one coupled with sundin's veto has put the organization back 5 years.
    Look for a Semin deal, Bobby Ryan, Brad Richards, Nathan Horton and the inevitable Vincent Lecavalier rumors to surface. I like a Vinny for Keberle and Nikolai Kulemin. Tampa then trades Marty StLouis to the Penguins for Jordan Staal. Jordan becomes a second line center behind Stamkos and Pittsburgh gets a great winger for Crosby.Pittsburgh then signs an afforable Matt Cullen or Matthew Lombardi for the third line. Remember that Burke doesn't want to finish in the bottom five lottery next year again and a first round pick won't help us in a timely fashion.


  4. Hey Leafs obviously didn't read the post. I suggested that it would take a first-round pick plus other up-and-comers like Bobby Sanguinetti, Dane Byers, make the trade viable. He might even want a first-round pick plus Girardi for such a trade.

    I'd like Kaberle to be a Ranger, no questions there.


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