Friday, October 22, 2010

Speaking Of The Fight Culture.....

It happened last night three minutes into the rematch against The Toronto Maple Leafs at the A.C.C, you know that place where the the polite audience only claps and shouts when the LCD tells them to.   "Everybody...clap.....your hand...."  (clap)  (clap)  (clap)   Don't drop your sushi Leaf fans...

So I digress...

The long awaited match with former Ranger now Leaf enforcer Colton Orr was on a mission and instigated  Derek "the Boogeyman" Boogaard into a fight.   Clearly, Boogey shook up Orr's head and made connections a couple of times - and you can see the fear in Orr's reaction; until Colton tugged his jersey and threw the big man down.  Those at the A.C.C. declared the bout won by Orr, but look again...   The video doesn't show the load in Colton Orr's pants after the bout. gave the bout to BOOGEY.  Given this was the first real fight we've seen this season, last night was probably worth about $300,000 in Ranger's salary cap.  Woo hoo....


Derek Boogaard 54.6%
Colton Orr 23.5%
Draw 21.8%
From 119 votes with an average rating of 6.0

1 comment:

  1. Its funny how Orr started throwing punches before Boogey could even get his gloves off and drop his stick. After boogey collects himself and starts chucking bombs, Orr went for the take down cuz he knew he was over his head. He never used to do that... Orr seemed lucky his helmet absorbed much of the impact; I think he would have been down and out again without it, even with boogard shedding 35lbs this season.

    If Torts let Boogaard play his game, he might not have looked so rusty. Then again, torts did the same thing to Orr. So I'm not surprised.


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