Saturday, January 15, 2011

Duh-binsky Made The Loss / NYR 2, Montreal 3

"I swear I'm better than Brad Richards!!?"
With the Blueshirts alone on the scoreboard more than halfway through the first period, NYR Brandon Dubinsky gave the turning point for Montreal when he took an adolescent (albeit minor) penalty against P.K. Subban in retaliation for liberties Subban took against the Rangers on home ice earlier in the week.   A complete breakdown by Lundqvist and our blueline followed - lazy, panicking and simply horrible.    So what happens there, Blueshirt's Newbury in his first NHL game decides that he is the schlump to throw some fists and attempt to turn the momentum.  You sure it wasn't Prust or Avery?  No chance.  We were then treated to three Montreal goals in 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  Sound familiar?  Thank goodness this happened in the first period as the forthcoming disappointment was expected for the rest of the game.  At least this didn't happen in the third period. 

Which leads to the second period with only eight minutes left and no change in score, Dubinsky pulls another stupid penalty, this time tripping.  One would naturally believe another Montreal goal was on it's way, but that did not happen.  With the Canadiens power play taking over six pot shots on Henrik and our boys unable to clear, Dubinsky was bailed out by The King, some of the greatest Henrik Lundqvist saves of his career.   The game could easily have been 5-1.   The momentum turned when  Lundqvist was slammed by Montreal's Paccieretti -- and at that point Henrik decided he had enough and jumped him with fists flying.  Goalies that fight.  HEN-RIK....HEN-RIK....  Various penalties were given, but the Rangers were on the power play once again.

Henrik provided more 'turning point' material than Don Rickles at the Flamingo Hilton in his heyday.

So what followed was an anemic power play opportunity with 'zero' shots on goal.  Second period ends with both teams bear hugging each other and no one actually throwing down the gloves.  Emotions running high, frustrations wearing on their sleeves and Torts looking down with one period left, the refs decide the little scrum wasn't worth handing out penalties, the first sign of leniency to our boys in Blue.

For anyone watching the MSG broadcast and interview with Scott Gomez during the break, I have only one thing to say, "You're not funny Scotty...go f*ck yourself!"  Why do we bother?
I hate this P.K. Subban guy.  Cheap shot artist

The third opened as a virtual Montreal shooting gallery against the Rangers, the Montreal defense pushing forward preventing any of the puck-moving-Torts-system to be effective.  At best, the Rangers looked a version of the NJ Devils of years gone by - defensive hockey and stellar goaltending.  But behind on two goals and no shots on the Montreal, oh shot that period by Marian Gaborik....(hiccup) we looked like the team that is only capable of scoring one goal a night, as evidenced by our loss to Montreal earlier this week, our win against Vancouver on Thursday and tonight. 

Then off a beautiful Derek Stepan feed, Mats Zuccarrella scored the second Rangers goal to give us hope and life once again.  Whew.

Then something changed the last six minutes of the game.  The Rangers took control and owned puck possession.  Multiple scoring chances, open nets and a new confidence dominated, but still unable to close a tying goal, they were given a gift from the nail-biting Gods, Montreal's Gill committed a bad penalty with a minute and a half left giving our Blueshirts the opportunity needed to tie things up.  Scoring chances a plenty , followed by an incredible Brian Boyle high rising tap toward the Habs net, Montreal goalkeper Carey Price made the best save of his career giving Montreal the win.

What we never saw in the first two periods, we saw in the last minutes of play.  Not quite the three periods of blue collar hockey we've come to expect from this 'black and blue' Rangers squad.  Two losses to the same team in one week marks the spot.  Embarrassment?  Shame?  Nah.  Just suck.

That's how I see it, but if you're interested in how MSG spins it, the Official Recap is here.

While the Rangers were losing in Montreal, the Philadelphia Flyers took to Central Park a day before our meeting tomorrow night and practiced at the outdoor skating rink.  I am sure there were some beautiful photo opportunities, but shouldn't Mayor Bloomberg have something negative to say about Philadelphia pissing in our backyard and marking their territory the day before?   Just sayin...

Maybe it's a foreshadowing of a Rangers / Flyers Winter Classic in New York City!!?

Tomorrow night.  Philadelphia Flyers 7pm.  Pray.


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  1. Great post article DR. This team needs a center and a booming shot from the blue line desperately. Love the youth movement and direction we're headed, but a smart trade is needed for us to make some noise.


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