Friday, December 14, 2007

The Great One Returns

No, not you Jaromir. Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky is coming back.

The former 'Blueshirt Michael Jordan of Hockey' will be returning to MSG for the first time this Sunday as coach of the losing Phoenix Coyotes (13-16-0), and this time, the lagging New York Rangers (16-12-3) hope to 'kick his ass' and finally bury the post 1995 years for good.

As a New York Ranger in the 1990's, Wayne Gretzky was not the player he used to be, but the Great One was still the one to watch. His play was pure Picasso. "How can you stop a guy who disappears on you?" former Flyers coach Wayne Cashman says. "You don't. You just hope for the best. I saw him in a game once where a huge defenseman was going to put the biggest hit in the world on him. You know what Gretzky did? He passed the guy the puck. He was so surprised it stopped him in his tracks. Then Gretzky flipped up the guy's stick, took the puck, went right around him--and was gone!"

May his coaching skills be less than his play.

Regarding our game Sunday, the good news is that Marcel Hossa is out with the flu and will not play against Phoenix. The bad news is it appears our PIM-heavy "Ranger Savior" Sean Avery also will not be in the lineup on Sunday (maybe Tues vs. Pittsburgh, but definite on Thurs vs. Minn). Ranger Coach Tom Renney is seeing red these days and management will be paying close attention to how the Blueshirts will attack the game against one of the worst in the league. Last evening the Islanders easily beat the Coyotes, the New Jersey Devils of Newark will play at 1pm against them tomorrow and the tired team will play against NYR on Sunday, giving the Blueshirts the advantage they need to rebound. The Rangers have dropped three in a row, four out of five, but somehow are second in the Atlantic Division - two points behind NJ.

To all that have suggested in comments and emails, I agree with you. CHRIS DRURY SHOULD BE ON THE FIRST LINE. This is all a matter of 'when', as opposed to 'if'. Our newly acquired 'clutch-man' is a more consistent center than Brandon Dubinsky and will adapt to Jaromir Jagr and Straka if our coach actually gives a damn. There are no other choices on this issue. IT IS TIME, RENNEY!!!! Take care of business or I'll get the Ranger Pundit all over your mess!

As to Gretzky, we wish you well in the beginning of the game & we celebrate your achievements as one of the best hockey players ever. We salute and honor you.

Though, we hope you are a terrible coach and have an emotionally devastating trip back to the desert after a tragic loss to your former New York Rangers.



  1. friggin brilliant dark with the wish you well and, essentially, we hate you! drury does belong on the first line (i've told you so - glad you and the dj'er are agreeable these days).
    funny jagr comment.

  2. tdr-And the vengence of The Pundit shall smote ye and The Dark Ranger will lead ye to eternal damnation.


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