Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sean Avery, The Child

I am not interested in cursing the name of a top-needed New York Ranger, Sean Avery, but for a moment let me point out that I randomly bumped into a strange website entitled Kids Prefer Cheese and the cover picture soooo reminded me of Sean Avery as a kid.

Nothing more than that. A funny contemplation.


  1. 1) Nothing like playing Phoenix, (playing their third in 4 nights,) to help. They drop that game and we really tink Renney's job may be in jeopardy
    2) However, if Isaah Thomas hasn't yet been fired, perhaps Renney has job security? Funny (Avery)pic. When is Sean, the team MVP, due back?

  2. Hey faux...agreed on Phoenix. It will be awesome to see Gretzsky at the Garden - he will command the ovation, but if we drop it -- the Renney Danger Meter is Extremely High.f

    Avery won't be onboard Sunday, though he wants to be and is insisting to the Coach. Doctors are saying closer to Thursday against Minnesota.

    The Renney Danger Meter is on alert.


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