Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NEWSDAY/TSN/CP: all reported NY Rangers captain Jaromir Jagr claims his priority is to return with the Rangers next season. The reports note the Rangers aren't the only option for Jagr, as he could also sign with Avangard Omsk of Russia, and eventually he intends to return to his hometown club Kladno in the Czech Republic. He noted any deal he signs probably won't be longer than two years because his father would like him to return by that time. John Dellapina of the Daily News suggested the Rangers could offer Jagr a bonus-laden contract much like the one they signed with Brendan Shanahan last season, as bonuses for players over 35 can be deferred toward the following season's salary cap.

(the above courtesy of Spector's Hockey)


  1. 1) We could see JJ signing a 2 year 4 mil deal plus incentives that could push it over 6.
    2) From reading several articles it appears that he's still generally happy playing in NY, and not yet ready to go back home to play out his career.
    3) If he returns, do you folks think he should continue to be captain or should they name a new guy as the team leader?

  2. 1) To clarify, that would be 4-6 mil PER season.

  3. Not unlike Briere and Drury as Co-Captains in Buffalo, I cannot imagine if Jagr stayed on board how the franchise couldn't push forward their need to put Drury in a leadership role. It is inevitable, as he is the perfect kind of guy to lead a franchise; understated and a gentleman (which is so unlike NYC).

  4. Jagr must go otherwise it will be samo, samo and possibly worse. He has complete control of the team and coach clueless is his willing stooge. Do we really want another year like this past one? I don't think so. I know I don't and I'm sure neither do you or your fans.

  5. 1) We can understand breaking ties with JJ, for it usually not only means Jagr is resigned, but some of his buddies as well
    2) So who do you guys get to replace his output. It was admittedly down this year, but 70+ points are still difficult to make up. Can you expect Gomez/Drury to rebound, or a kid like Dubinsky, if given the ice time, to step it up.
    3) It would definitely be a change for the Rangers to allow their kids to step up, but perhaps not signing JJ may be the best move they don't make?


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