Thursday, May 1, 2008

King Lunkan Steals It, NYR 3, Penguins 0

If you've seen the movies Invincible or Miracle recently, last night at the Garden you might have experienced similar goosebumps watching the impossible made possible, minus the dramatic music and melodramatic acting (though one only needed to look as far as the Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby for dramatic music and acting). The win last night must be credited and made possible by our Captain Jaromir Jagr (rumored if the Rangers lost it would have been his last game in the NHL), more thanks to our 'kid' Brandon Dubinsky (physical brute and flair) and mostly, our King, or Prince & Pauper - Henrik Lundqvist, goalkeeper of the Gods. Tonight he displayed the earned title treatment as he made up for the lack of defensive strength on the NYR blueline and stole any potential goals away from Pittsburgh beginning to end. Dan Girardi certainly didn't contribute in this game, nor did anyone on the blueline, but superhero Chris Drury was there to play both ends of the game in true 'clutch fashion.'

It just so happens fellow blogger BlueNationLeafs joined me for the game and we were sitting in front of a couple of Swedes who flew in just for the game. The Dark Ranger proudly wore his Lundqvist jersey and during one of the many "HEN-RIK" chants during the night, he informed us that Henrik in Sweden, during similar chants, is affectionately referred to as "LUN-KAN", which means spectacular one. Certainly a better nickname than 'Foppa' which means nothing!!? We have proudly taken both Swedes into our homes only for good-luck-sake - they will not leave if we keep winning!

If only for one game, Jaromir Jagr took the heat (and a shoulder to his face) and delivered on his promise that we all "have to believe that it will happen" and followed through on his promise. At this point, I think it is inevitable that this will be his last season as a Ranger and if last night was the last time Jagr plays at MSG, then my 'having lost my voice from screaming' was worth every moment.

I am absolutely looking forward to seeing more of Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan - our Ranger-'kids', as they kept the flow alive and contributed to the game throughout. With the addition of Chris Drury, Scottie Gomez, and our kids brilliantly playing uniformed hockey, we shouldn't feel bad about the potential departures of Jagr, Brendan Shanahan, Martin Straka, Marek Malik and others post season. Whether or not Sean Avery re-signs, there will be plenty of salary cap available to strengthen the blueline (we need one goon and one offensive-defenseman) and find that forward play-maker that the Blueshirts will desperately need without Jagr.

Last night's game, the bounces went our way and we followed through with it. We halted the Penguin-roller coaster and reminded them that this franchise is a strong one - full of pride and greater fan base than any in the world.

We all go into Sunday's game with low expectations -- which is an emotional safe-haven, as most of us had already written off the game thinking July 1 trades already. Something tells me, though, if they win in Pittsburgh on Sunday -- we will take it all this series. Something about the '33 years' myth....

Tomorrow The Dark Ranger will camp out in the deep recesses of The Igloo, making sure Malkin and Crosby get a very, Dark curse during practice.

Cross your fingers...


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  1. Think about this for a moment. Jagr scored an empty netter at 19:42 of the third period.

    1942 the Leafs came back from a 0-3 hole to beat the Wings and win the Cup.

    33 years later in 1975 the Islanders came back from an 0-3 deficit to beat Pittsburgh.

    33 years later in 2008 the Rangers......Stay tuned.

    Cast a Dark Cloud my friend.


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