Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hey Billy!!!!! Welcome Back....

A huge 'shout-out' to the ultimate combination of 'New York Ranger' fan and East Village artist here in the Great NYC. Billy the Artist is back and MSG will welcome back a great fan and a great NYC institution after a long hiatus in painting hot chicks and gratuitous pictures of hot chicks never ruined a hockey fan's day.

With all of the rumors and trades happening in the blogosphere, I thought it best to wait and see what the 'Great Slats' has to show over the next couple of weeks as we approach "free agency-land" July 1. For anyone watching the "What the Rangers Need Most" post, you'll see the two top voted needs are:
1. re-SIGN Sean Avery. & 2. Reinforce the blueline with defense that means something

Ironic that these were the most important issues for the Rangers one year ago -- only now we have a handful of free agents that (should) will leave, freeing up close to $20 million in salary cap. If management treats this right, we could be looking at an improved 2009 playoff picture and a long-term veteran/youth mix for years to come. But they won't....if Coach Clueless and SLATS the Barbarian refuse to adapt to new opportunities. least we have Billy the Artist...for now.



  1. F&*k THE RANGERS.....bring on those picks DARK...if I could get a chick to let me paint on's been a long time since I talked to Jesus, but this might be close.

  2. I think Streit from the Habs would make a fine addition to the Blueshirts and agree that the defensive lines need the attention in order to improve as a team. We need to get past the second round. Brian Campbell is overrated as a free agent and he will cost too much, though it seems like something sather will invest in. the obvious. You never know as we were all thinking Briere was considered of the three top agents and we got the other two in one swoop. We'd also like to see more hockey chicks on the site. THANK YOU.

  3. dj...what the hell else do we have in the off-season, this period of limbo. I know, I know...I've given in to the cheap thrill...I wonder how Sean Avery is feeling at Vogue these days? thing we need to do is get rid of Christian Backman and free up the additional $2 mill. and find a couple of guys to support our defense. That, plus that winger to keep up with Speedy Scottie Gomez...

    Looks like Jagr will slow things down for another season as a Ranger. Not much talk in the press, which means there is much talk happening between management and agents. Cross your fingers...without him the Prague opening doesn't generate excitement, but it would sure make for an exciting re-building of the team.


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