Thursday, June 26, 2008


Martin Straka is no longer a New York Ranger.

Claiming he has not accepted his new deal (TSN) and will make the decision July 1, last night he apparently signed a deal with his former Czech Republic club, HC Lasselsberger Plzen to leave the NHL entirely - as the free agency deadline approached this coming Tuesday without any offers or consideration from Blueshirt management. Slats and gang were not interested in re-signing the three-year New York Ranger.

How might this effect the re-signing of Jaromir Jagr?

The answer to that will reveal itself no earlier than next Tuesday (July 1), but it sure doesn't bode well for maintaining Jagr's player 'support system.' As Glen Sather and Co. are looking to strengthen and rebuild the NY Rangers this off-season, they have made it clear to Captain Jagr their desire to bring him in under their terms, financially and expectation of play, for one more year. As it stands, Jagr is looking for two years extension.

Marty Straka leaving the Rangers may be revealing a little of how this team is looking to open the season this fall. How do you think Marty will feel watching his former Rangers from the stands opening in his home town of Prague this October?

The heat has been turned on slightly higher....



  1. HOLY SHEIT, didn't see this one coming! I think it totally has everything to do with Jagr not coming back and straka having an inside. in fact, i just read in Blueshirt Bulletin that the russian league could be paying upwards to 11million pre-tax?????? We better land one or more of these free agnets.

  2. Jagr and Straka are both on the same wave-length. I suspect now that Jagr will NOT be a NY Ranger. This is good stuff, but we will need to secure a Hossa or Sundin to compliment Gomez and Drury.

    I'll go on the line, dj,...if Jagr does NOT return, Shanny is re-signed. If Jagr stays, Brendan goes...

    Needless to say, it appears AVERY is gone. Let the fun begin...

  3. avery is one of the more important players on the team, not to mention a fan favorite and he should be signed.

    everyone should stop worrying about jagr- he is slow, only played decent hockey during the playoffs and avery made the difference

  4. Shanahan should be resigned.
    Avery should be resigned.
    Jagr should be resigned.

    We should get rid of Sather.

  5. this is not confirmed on any level, DARK....

  6. I agree if Jagr isn't re-signed, i think Shanny will be signed. But at the moment i still think Jagr is going to be a Ranger.

    But then again maybe im just crazy.

  7. could be right, Manic One. It's probable, but then I don't understand the Straka early departure. Great site over in Manic Ranger Land...between you & The Dark Ranger we might be in need of some Blueshirt therapy!!! :)


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