Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do We Really Want Sundin?

With all of the Mats Sundin rumors being flown around the past, well...months, I wanted to give my two cents on how the Blueshirts would look like with him and without him. Now there are countless ways that the deal could go down if the Rangers do in fact get Sundin, but the most logical scenario would be something like this: The Rangers would need to trade one of their top defensemen and/or one of their promising youngsters (Prucha most likely, but there has been talk of other players being moved) to clear up enough cap space to acquire Sundin. To gain the appropriate cap space to sign a high caliber player like Sundin, the Rangers would need to get rid of someone like Roszival to use his $5 million towards paying Sundin a contract in the range of $5-$7 million for one year. However, losing Roszival would mean that the Rangers would only have 5 NHL ready defensemen, meaning that even with the increased offensive punch that Sundin would bring, the new system Tom Renney spent all summer putting together would be tarnished. Renney envisioned Roszival being a key component to the puck-moving group of D men that will hopefully feed great first passes to breakout guys like Zherdev, Sjostrom and Drury. Having Sundin on the Rangers would mean that Drury would have to switch to wing due to the abundance of centers that are already on the roster. Sundin would surely add a lot of offensive to the Rangers, but I would rather have the aging veteran sign with Philly then lose any of our defensemen or any of our young forwards. Having Sundin on the Rangers would be like, I don't know, Jeremy Shockey on the Saints? Weird, huh?
Don't get me wrong, it would be wonderful to see Mats Sundin centering Zherdev and Naslund on the first line; especially with such other good players on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines, the Rangers would be more than stacked. But do we really want a player of his age taking away playing time and a position of guys like Anisimov and many, many others? I don't think so. I believe that the promising young guys that the Rangers have will, in time, be able to generate enough talent that if Sundin does in fact pass on the Rangers, the move would hardly tarnish anyone in a Rangers uniform. Of course there are players that want him to suit up in a Rangers uniform, however I am willing to bet my ridiculously huge Blog Salary that there are also guys on the team that would love to play alongside the likes of Sundin. What it comes down to is this: Mats Sundin will pick a team to play for this season (retiring at this point should not be on this guys agenda), and if it happens to be the Rangers, than so be it. Our team will be great, for a season or two, and then who knows. If Sundin decides to play for Montreal, Philly, Vancouver or whoever else, then I say congrats to that team with a big smile on my face knowing that the potential young guys who just might be just as good as Mats some day. I know that is a long shot, but I want to see Michael Roszival and every other player on the Rangers roster in the first game in Prague. I think the team we have now is good enough to place atop the Conference this year (I will pray every night for those 23 guys to somehow gel together quickly and efficiently), and the team that Sundin does land on, unless its Philly, I don't really see making the playoffs (but that is another story).

It's virtually impossible to know what exactly would happen as a result of the Rangers landing Sundin, but I am very interested in knowing what the rest of you think, so please comment below and let me and the infamous TDR know where you stand on the Rangers and Sundin next season.



  1. 1) We're sick of all the Sundin chatter/rumours. The guy needs to shit or get off the pot already. Its not like last year with Forsberg who had an injury that prevented his playing.
    2) Its almost September and training camp is a couple of weeks away. Time to decide Mats! As for the rangers getting him. As we wrote on our blog we feel that 'rumour' was pure feces. No way do they reassemble their roster to fit in one player
    3) While we're at it, what has Sundin ever won in the NHL? Yes, he's a talented player who could help a team, but he's not Gretzky/Lemieux. Ultimately we see him going to a Canadian based team.

  2. Sundin would make this season incredibly exciting. Get Rozzy off the books...the bigger controversy is that roz was originally signed for 5 mill a year....bring on a mid-range depth D-man and push Drury to the left.

    I like it,

  3. Sundin Thoughts -

    The addition of Sundin to the Rangers would be huge if he could be acquired for 5 million per season.
    Sundin would lead the team in scoring with 80-100 points. Mats has averaged in the 70-80 points on bad Leaf teams for the past couple of seasons.
    He is a true leader as shown by Team Sweden choosing him to wear the C at the Olympics/World Championships/World Cups.

    Every team in the NHL would want Mats Sundin. The question is -Can we afford him? It would cost Roz and his contract.

    The New York Rangers youth would take a small hit on ice time but learning from Mats for 1-2 years would be great for their overall development.
    Will Drury play well as a winger and on which line? Didn’t Jagr have this issue for an entire season?
    Does the Defense take to large a hit losing Roz’s 20-24 minutes per game?
    Who will replace him on the backend?
    Mara, Stall, Redden, Girardi and Kalinin would need help for 15-20 minutes per night. A stay at home defenseman who can bang is perfect.
    The only trade potential bait is Prucha and his former 30 goals touch. At 1.6 million he could attract a number 4 defenseman coming back.
    Who would take Roz and not want to send salary back?
    Is there a leadership void this season as Jagr and Shanny depart?

    Lots of questions and unknowns but the opportunity to land Sundin for a run at the cup must be explored.


  4. What do you think?

    To LA: Rozsival ($5 million/year), Pittsburgh's fifth-round draft pick (originally obtained in the Hollweg trade)

    To NYR:Tom Preissing ($2.7 million/year for three more seasons) L.A.'s second-round pick in 2009

    The Rangers get a servicable middle-pairing guy who can man the second power-play unit—signed to a cap-friendly deal for the near future—and probably the equivalent of a late first-round pick in a very deep draft. If Sundin signs and the deal I outlined goes through, the team would look like this:




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