Thursday, August 28, 2008

The 'Off-Off-Off Season of 2008'. Got Any Rumors?

What? Haven't you heard the latest news? Ovechkin is being traded to Nashville! (or) The Rangers are getting Mats for Rozsival! (or) Peter Forsberg's skates now fit! (or) The entire Nashville team is being traded for Lidstrom! (or better yet) Gary Bettman is suing the New York Rangers and threatening to dismantle them because of a website!

With the exception of the latter, 'Welcome to the NHL Off-season of 2008, ladies & gentlemen' where every blogger has a shiny inside seat into Glen Sather's 'strategic war office' - the summer when every blogger has 'an inside source' that you believe or don't believe, but it's worth posting for one reason only.....

You thought of it.

Even here at The Dark Ranger (and later cited on Yahoo Sports) we reported on 'The Bleacher Report post on the imminent Scott Gomez trade rumor' (here) -- because it was credited with, not only one inside source, but TWO INSIDE SOURCES! And - wow- has this poor guy taken the hammer for that one, even to the point of having to defend his position -- for awkward reading go (here) - even after a shit-storm of criticism. This is where it gets tricky as bloggers, and what most don't want to contemplate -- taking such positions anonymously still makes it illegal & libel. You are legally responsible for your words as it may interfere with a hockey agent's ability and leverage to close a deal, cause disruption within a negotiation with a team and affect the desirability of any particular hockey player. Ooohhh, what I meant to say was "rumors are just rumors!" and my inside sources aren't really inside....I'm just a fan writing a blog looking for more traffic! Watch it Bleacher Report --- make sure you are indemnified by your membership!

The number of readable New York Rangers blogs has more than doubled in just a year, everyone looking to break the story, whether going with your gut or posing as some Eklund-insider that is ready to establish a new level of NHL hockey inside credibility. False as it may be.

Not here in Dark-world. We are all "business upfront & party in the back" and The Dark Ranger site remains and claims no more than 'what we think as fans of the Blueshirts.' We should all report on how terrific or horrible our team is during the on & off season and the changes that are taking place, but the business of rumors and these recent conspiracies reminds us that there is more going on than we know - and the reality of these rumors, whether you are Larry Brooks, Eklund, The Bleacher Report or, dare I say, The Dark Ranger, is probably just someone's opinion.

Keep coming for the we hear Leetch is coming back for one more year to replace Rozsival! (just kidding) ;)



  1. Awesome DARK. This post should have been titled WE DON'T WANT SUNDIN. Enough!!!!!!! Stop talking about it!!!! when there isn't news about anything, we are now reading about the controversy of the BLOGGERS!!!!! STOP MAKING SHIT UP!!!!!

    But I love your site. ;)

  2. LOL. I agree with DJ. You should have called it "We Don't Want Sundin. Enough!!!!" : )

    When I heard this rumor, I called bullshit on it. Why? Because sports reporters in NYC who have actual real connections would have heard about it before any of you about a month. We don't read Eklund or Bleacher Report, except by accident when we click on an article in a Google search only to find out it's from BR, then immediately click away.

    If Caggiano's inside source is an MSG sportscaster...take heed...I find their information wrong about 80% of the time. Not even they have an insider's look into Sather's head. Sometimes they just make it up as they go. You'd be amazed at some of the stories I've heard these guys tell...and all of it was bunch of crap.

    If the source is not from the actual player or Sather himself, don't believe it.

  3. the hemsky words are goofy. eklunnd and the bleacher report are crap and unreliable. you might as well just ask your buddy for more reliable information. let's go Edmonton.

  4. Well said TDR. Us fan blogs have no place posting rumours. Unless we actually do have inside sources, and then if we did, we should be the first to boast that we do and name said sources.

    The credibility of fan bloggers is dubious at best and the BR piece damaged it even further. As for Ek, he admits that he is a rumour site, but everyone out there takes him seriously before smashing him down and cursing him out.

    Hey folks, there are blogs for news and there are blogs for entertainment. There is a difference and you will be well-served to realize that.

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  6. 1) Have to disagree Scotty. How many journalists(and in sports we use that term loosely!)name their sources? How many of the 'rumours that the various/collective hockey writers publish actually come true?
    2) This is NOT a defense of Eklund. However, blogs in general have as much right to make up shit as the press! LOL Anyone who takes these kinds of rumors seriously needs to take a chill pill. And NEVER pay someone(Eklund) for that 'service'.


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