Friday, September 5, 2008

(UPDATED) An Official "Endorsement" for NO POLITICS!

This is a hockey blog. The Dark Ranger officially endorses this "no politics!" Thanks Anonymous!



  1. Your writing a blog in regards to the Rangers. Your not some political analyst and i bet nobody cares about what you have to say about politics. And posting a video of a moron that just picks apart little pieces of speeches posts them together to attempt to be funny is sad. I thought this was one of the better hockey sites but that just came crashing down.

  2. DUDE...what are you thinking? You took a perfectly nice looking lady and made her ugly. How dare you? ;)

    Stick with hockey DARK...I second anonymous.

  3. Guess people must not see that part of the fun coming here is that TDR pokes fun at the entire world (including himself).

    TDR as far as I am concerned, continue to be yourself and if people do not get the joke then tell them the joke is on them.

  4. You are right Jess. I've lost 50% of my audience damnit - so we're a blue site now, or just maybe... "Go Nader!"..there I go again. ;)

  5. TDR -

    You still have the best hockey site!


  6. What is the difference between TDR and other hockey bloggers...

  7. Hello Anonymous -

    I hate the Rangers and believe that Hockey blogs should stick with hockey. However, the TDR post made me laugh. I log into this site every other day to check out the posts and have a smile. TDR has bashed himself and the Rangers in the past and that's what I respect. TDR even believes that the Rangers will be a good team this year. He must be crazy!
    Until Anonymous rents a Russell Crowe movie...Mystery Alaska - I will continue to log on and have fun!

  8. Hockey is hockey. Politics is politics. Politics can be confused with a lot of things, but hockey certainly wasn't on that list. However, I think democrats and republicans should be forced to wear jerseys. Who wouldn't appreciate that? A little Sunday night shinny? Winner gets to pass the bill. I would watch.


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