Monday, October 27, 2008

Tonight Against the Horrible Isles

So with the "pull out of our a**" win against the Pittsburgh Penguins last Saturday night (official recap here), our Blueshirts head into our first rival meeting tonight against the NY Islanders this season.

There is every reason to think our boys will pull through and slaughter this AHL squad, especially given the 15-year awarded franchise Isle goalkeeper Rick DiPietro is out for tonight's meeting and backup Joey MacDonald (2-3-0) is his replacement (I hear echoes of Wade from Russia!!?). Perhaps 'wetting his pants against a first-place team' caused Ricky D to check into a doctor this afternoon, despite coach Scott Gordon's insistence that he is doing just fine. Isles fans surely are unhappy.

Not only is tonight's opponent in last place in the Eastern Conference (2-5-0), without former Ted Nolen behind the wheel as premiere coach (fired this season unexpectedly), they are generally considered one of the worst teams in the League - recently pummeled by Buffalo 7-1.

If the Rangers play the system properly and goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is in "normal" mode, then all will fall into place. I cannot imagine opening the paper to a 9-2-1 record tomorrow morning!

But then again, as we've seen over the last couple of seasons and no matter where they are in the standings, the NY Islanders have our number and tend to play competitive and winning hockey against us.

The curse of that ridiculous Potvin! Who keeps that stupid chant alive anyway?



  1. "The curse of that ridiculous Potvin! Who keeps that stupid chant alive anyway?"

    Yeah, sorry. I'm one of the whistlers. It's just that I'm so good at it and everyone in my section expects me to do it! If I don't, they say, "Hey! Where's the Potvin Sucks?" And I say, "Eight other people have done it in the last 5 minutes!" But then they say, "But they all suck! You do it better. Show those posers how it's done."

    It's a vicious cycle.

    *runs and crys in the corner*


  2. Well if you're good at something, keep doing it. We hate you, but we love you more at the same time. Sort of how I feel about our Rangers in general.

    I'll think of you next time I protest!


  3. There are only certain circumstances when I like the "Potvin Sucks" chant:

    1. Obviously whenever they play the Isles, either at MSG or at the Nassau Square Garden.

    2. When the Rangers are on the road, because I just think its great to hear Ranger fans imposing their will in opposing arenas.

    I live in South Florida, and never miss a Rangers-Panthers game here. Potvin is the Panthers color announcer, so Ranger fans always let him know they are in the building.

    Other than that, I could do without it. It's been so over done, now its like a tribute to him. There has to be someone else worth hating now.


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