Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zherdev Sha-Zamm!!!! NYR 3, Thrashers 2!

Who called this kid lazy?

After a questionable first period where both the Rangers and Thrashers looked evenly matched, the Blueshirts pulled out another dominant third period with drawing the right penalties (and making some bad ones with minutes left) thanks to Nick Zherdev with an unassisted break to the goal and flip for the 2nd goal and the game winning assist to Dan Girardi's game winner in tonight's meeting. Colton Orr is one BIG BAD ASS of an enforcer as he showed Atlanta Thrasher Eric Boulton an actual 'technicolor dreamcoat' after what must have been 2 minutes of uppercuts, power punches and fist sandwiches. Take a couple of aspirin and see you in the morning.

Official recap here.

No, we are not dreaming. The Rangers are 10-2-1, holding the infamous reign of early NHL leader by division, conference and 'The Universe.'. Jesus never played this level of hockey!

Knock on wood three times and continue reading....

We have no injuries! Our system is getting tighter. Tom Renney's chemistry set of line changing appears to be working. "The King" Lundqvist in goal is solid and top of the league. Our Ranger newbies are teaching the veteran top lines a little something about crashing the net and reminding them of never giving up. The rotations are in synch. The lines are communicating. We are winning a lot of games.

God on Earth, what is happening here? Doesn't Zen diametrically oppose our winning so many games? Is this the 'ying or the yang'? Damn it, this is a DARK site on my Rangers!!!! Optimism and hope are not something we are used to around here, so hang in there with me. Where is my Jagr and his perimeter pretty-shot power play? Where is Malik? Where is Shanny post concussion? (Go here for the latest)

So for the time being, we are a winning site and team - and based on all of this, we should kick the lights out of Toronto on Saturday! Perhaps it's another opportunity to again show those Ontarions how real hockey is played (with our backup goalkeeper even).

Go Valley!!!


P.S. It must just suck being an Atlanta Thrasher fan!


  1. I was at the game tonight DARK and there is a new confidence with the team and the fans. You can feel it. even when Atlanta tied up the game, it never felt like we were in trouble. Things are looking up.

    For now. ;)

  2. I don't know what to make out of the Sundin rumours anymore. I think he'll be back in Toronto...
    i got my predictions..

  3. No No No...Sundin is very close friends to a few NHLers that he calls comrades, named Markus Naslund and Henrik Lundqvist, of course both Rangers. His agent is also known to have close ties with the Rangers organization. Sundin said he would wait until the season is well underway to choose his career path, but we know this guy aint' gonna quit. Hes too good and valuable, and he knows it. The truth about his decision is that he is waiting to see which teams are in good shape!! If the Rangers are doing even nearly this well by the time Sundin decides to finally choose his team, then the Rangers will be cruising into the Playoffs.


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