Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Over!

Cash is King!

Our own King Lundqvist attempted to persuade elite-player-free-agent Mats Sundin to be a Ranger for less money than the 20 million, two-year offer from Vancouver.

No luck this time around. He's a Canuck!

Mea Culpa. The Dark Ranger mis-called this one. We will continue to live with our terrifically bad power play and questionable leadership. BUT HEY......WE'RE IN FIRST PLACE (sigh)!!!!



  1. 1) Sorry, but this is NO surprise. mats was headed to vancuver all along. His agent played Sather like a fiddle.
    2) Its not like you guys lost out on Gretzky or Lemieux in their primes. He's a 36+ yr old who's never won a thing and who hasn't played in 10 months. A groin injury waiting to happen!

  2. 1. It was so dramatic, Faux. 10 million in Vancouver or 3.5 mill in NYC? for the love of our game...
    2. A groin injury would be nice!

    Happy holidays to you.


  3. Well, I'd like to look at it this way. Mats spoke to the other swedes on the teams and was pretty sure he would love the city, the comraderie of the Henrik, Nalund, freddie and the other guys. We have a great goalie, some decent talent (name wise)on the roster. We in a major metropolis where the fans are always in the game despite being longtime sufferers. We're winning, but we are inexplicably not having the success we should be with what we have.

    Taking all this into account, he probably came here and watched the game and had a leafs flashback. To look at all those things and think, if gomez, drury, naslund and one of the best goaltenders in the league arent making a big difference...he's be potentially take a fraction of the vancouver money to sit next to henrik, with the bright camera lights shining in his face, rubbing his whiskers and trying to come up with reasons for why the team gave up the lead, didnt have the energy, didnt play defense, hung the goalie out to dry...etc.

    pro-rated 10 mil for a season (5.5 mil for the remainder), and a ready made excuse for losing (luongo injured), and a team he feels he can have an immediate place in and effect on was probably an easier decision than many are making it out to be.

  4. Actually this deal was blown in the off season when The Stealth GM signed three marginal, below average defensemen for a total of $14.5 mil/year. That left the genius with no cap room. Plus anonymous is right. Sundin spent too much time watching coach clueless in (in)action.


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