Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry...

Santa will not be delivering the goods for us Rangers fans this year, tonight's game against the Washington Caps came as no surprise as we dramatically lost to the Caps 4-5 in OT, after opening the third period with a three goal lead. Alexander Ovechkin scored two goals leading his Caps rallying four straight goals in regulation followed by the game winner in OT.

Official recap here.

We took a point, but hardly deserve it. Coach Tom Renney may feel differently and demonstrate the positives to take away from the game, but tonight's abomination stands as a game of precedent that the Rangers will be judged on for the remainder of the season. Eerily reminiscent to a similar loss against Montreal at the end of last season, this one hurt more because it was in front of the fans - the home crowd - and most importantly, the Dolans.

The only other time the Rangers lost at home after leading 4-0 was March 27, 1979.

The Dark Ranger had the pleasure of sitting with Rod Gilbert in section 118 (okay....two seats from)- our supportive leading New York Ranger All-Star hero, holding the NYR team record for career goals (406), team record for career points (1021) - who actually uttered the following phrases in no particular order when Washington decided to show NYR how to play hockey in the third period:

(Rod Gilbert mutterings throughout the third period):

"Uh oh"....

A defensive system works when you have defensemen to support it"...

"(shouting angrily) ...don't leave the center open!!!!".....

"...The Habs Game!".

"We've seen this before!"

Thanks Rod. The Dark Ranger couldn't have said it better myself. I am certain my blogger Blueshirt comrades will have plenty to say about Coach Tom Renney, Wade Redden, Rozsival, Khalinen and our horrible defensive system without defense, but tonight spoke louder than words.

Might I add for pain-sake, the words of Alexander Ovechkin post-game:
"They stopped playing hockey," a jubilant Ovechkin said. "They probably believed 4-0 they'd win the game. They tried to play conservative, but we play a different way. We play a hard, physical game and take lots of shots. You see the results."

As our fellow Atlantic Division rivals are building stronger and climbing in the ranks (i.e. Philadelphia and New Jersey in particular) the unforgivable Rangers loss to the Capitals tonight will demand accountability to the coaches, the players and reflect how the fans have been feeling all season long.

If nothing is addressed and dealt with swiftly and immediately, the season is over!...so with that, happy holidays and all that, as our boys are tonight getting a good 'ole fashioned management ass-whooping!


(thanks Rod)


  1. the sad thing is nothing to going to happen. who is accountable in the organization? the coach? the captain? They have no heart.

  2. I disagree anonymous. The captain has heart. He has proved that on some of the other teams he has played for. (Ie. Buffalo and Colorado) No this stems from something far greater. The coach, yes, but doesn't anyone else in the organization realize whats going on with this god awful team? Someone has to become accountable for this teams actions and it is obviously NOT going to be the coaches. If they haven't done it already with the powerplay, which has been terrible for the past three or four years for the most part, especially this one, then will they ever be accountable for anything? I doubt it. Someone in this organization has to do something, and it ain't going to be Tom "no brains" Renney. Happy holidays to yuh dark and god bless this Rangers team for the new year!

  3. Hey tdr,
    I just wanted to let you know my blog address has changed. I switched from a wordpress account to blogger. So the link you have won't be posting any new information.



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