Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fire Tom Renney & Fire His Special Teams Coaches!

It is time. Make it a Happy New Year for all. Last night's defeat against the Washington Caps (again) provided another unwatchable power play and an apparent lack of motivation for the Rangers - especially during the last three minutes of the game, down one-goal 2-1 and continuing to play defensively.

Official recap here.

Light a fire, Dolan Family! With all the fire power on this team - play to score goals, not to prevent them. Fire Tom Renney, Mr. Dolan. Think about replacing Slats as well -- the current management overspent and should be responsible for it.

We are a devoted following of Blueshirt Faithful, but there are limits to how much 'pain & hurt' we are willing to pay for.



  1. I was Renney fan the last couple years, but now it's wearing thin...This team is always playing back on their heels...Even on the power play...Something needs to be done.

  2. I was a renney fan also until this season. It's a fucking disgrace when your power play consistently gets outworked. It really is pathetic. Thats coaching too. Renney needs to go. John Tortorella anyone?

    Too bad the Dolans dont really seem to give a shit as long as the seats are filled.

  3. manic, could say the Dolans do care, as with the Knicks - plenty of tickets available and season tickets available first-time in 8 years, took three plus dreadful years for them to notice. have you noticed at MSG Ranger games, for the first time in a while you'll see the season ticket reps suited up behind a booth encouraging folks to sign up for single and season tickets? that says plenty. (it also says plenty that I sit there watching them while eating my six dollar hot dog and eight dollar beer, but...priorities are priorities).

    beeze,..i was hesitant to cross into Dark-land with Renney until last season when the team was again coached by Jagr. Tom Renney never had a voice until this season. but I thought without the star Czech, we'd have a coach in that Tom -- and what we've found is our dear Coach letting the players speak for themselves. A players' coach. Terrific philosophy. Not once has he benched a 4 million + player on the team this year... Nor has he replaced one of his special teams coaches. The man must go.

    I'd throw in the towel if I hadn't paid for 24 more games....(and you know I'll be coming back for more abuse next season BECAUSE PLAYERS & COACHES CHANGE, the team franchise do not!!!)

  4. Yeah i actually have noticed that. But at the same time, I really dont see the Dolans putting any pressure on Sather or the coaching staff to peform.

    I mean look how long it took for them to get rid of Thomas and the knicks were doing considerably worse than the rangers.

  5. I Have been calling for Renney's head for a LONG time now. But I have now I have proven my point.
    As for Pearn... How many sorthanded goals do they allow before Sather cuts this guy loose? I think this guy's idea of Special Teams is "Special" like in RETARDED! WTF?! How long does Sather let this go on?

    Hey Sather! It's Time to Clean House, starting with Renney & Pearn!

  6. DAMN IT we should have kept Jagr FUDGEEE!

    Renney is annoying, but pearn takes the prize right about now. Same bullshit powerplay.

  7. Ah, loyalty, the double edged sword. Renney is too loyal to his players and his coaches, Sather is too loyal to his coach and Dolan is too loyal to Sather. But if there was a GM, a head coach, or an assistant that we liked who got canned, we would be pissed.

    And I truly believe that Dolan doesn't actually watch hockey, he just looks at the bottom line. Even with more and more tickets becoming available, the increased cost for them and the extra bump that a number retirement brings will likely keep revenues on par with last season. So why would Dolan have any cause to change personnel?

  8. I have been saying Renney needs to go for years now. They will never make it far in the playoffs with him behind the bench. He is too much of a player pleaser. It is pathetic. After 12 years as a Ranger fan since the Whalers left Hartford. I do not think I can take it anymore. Look at the Bruins, they suck and then they are awesome. Why? Because they have excellent coaching and even better recruiting. ESPN today says they will be shocked if the Rangers make the playoffs this year. I agree. Oh and King Henrik, totally played up by the NY media. This guy is nothing spectacular. Steve Mason of the Blue Jackets and Timmy Thomas? Now those are REAL goalies. It is time for a change.

  9. I think its time for "The Captain" to become the coach. It may sound a little radical but who else would be better to unite and motivate the new york rangers than mark messier... It worked in the early 90's, why not try it again?


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