Thursday, January 29, 2009

"I Don't Know What Happened...."

"...but right now, I could destroy this locker room!"

- were the first words out of NYR goalkeeper "The Prince" Henrik Lundqvist after dropping six goals to the rival Pittsburgh Penguins last night, most zooming through during the third period. NYR 2, Pittsburgh 6. Ugly night indeed.

Official recap here.

The Rangers fell to 5-2 in their last seven games, with both losses coming at this cavernous rink that has become a house of Blueshirt horrors. They are 1-9 in their last 10 visits to The Igloo and for whatever reason, the Penguins have our number. With the exception of one home shutout this season, we now know how the NJ Devils might have felt last season every game against the Rangers -- both relatively good teams (or good standings for that matter), but completely one-sided. Perhaps it's the 'ole Jagr Curse that was given to Slats and Tom for not re-signing him...

Henrik later continued,
"I just played terrible. That's what happened. I can't explain it. As a team we played great the first two (periods) and I played pretty good, I think, and I make a mistake on the second goal and then they get another one on the power play. I just lost my game in the third, totally, and that's definitely not good enough. I didn't stop the puck in the third. I'm upset with myself right now."

Uh oh.

With Henrik shrugging off another disaster -- including the meaningless All-Star game -- a loss of confidence at this stage of the season could be a very, very bad thing, as we cannot rely on superstar Wade Redden and Kalinen ( ;) ) to tighten up the blueline.

Without Hank in net performing miracles, as my 3-year old says while Dad is in net... 'me no play no playoffs'.



  1. very disheartening seeing henrik get lit up like that..

  2. Lundqvist, Did have a uneven game. However the Rangers could of made it easier on themselves(And Lundqvist) by capitalizing on plenty of scoring chances through out the first 2 periods.

    Unfortunately, for the fans of this team it's a common occurrence for the Rangers not being able to fill the nets with pucks.

    If the "King "is off his game a little bit, it means trouble for the Blue Shirts.


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