Friday, August 28, 2009

Eastern Muscle and More Heatley Thoughts

from Shawn P. Roarke of,
Toronto, once the epicenter of hockey, has missed the playoffs the past four seasons, including last season’s 81-point debacle. Nobody knows if the near-term future holds a playoff berth for the Leafs, but Burke promises that his team will give its all to return the Original Six franchise to its former glory.
“Our goal is to make the playoffs next year; we’re going to have to make some changes to do it. We’re going to be a different team,” Burke said this summer. “I like a lot of hitting. I like a lot of fighting. We have a passive group. All year long, when a trainer was on the ice—it was always our trainer—that really bothered me.
“It will be a more hostile group in the fall.
With New York Rangers John Tortorella's speed skating system in place, certain members of the Blueshirts (Gaborik, Avery, dare I say Brashear) will be competing against a much tougher class of competition this season -- the most obvious being Brian Bionic Burke's Leaf Muscle Machine he has assembled this off-season, including our once very-own-enforcer Colton Orr (who will be looking to accumulate more PIMs than Avery has words).   The Philadelphia Flyers with the addition of Chris Pronger has added some fire and brute on the blueline, making them one of the biggest contenders in the Atlantic Division (still looking forward to that Chris Pronger slamming Sidney Crosby into the boards highlight reel).  Our Blueshirts need to 'look out' and hit back and defend their own. 

As to the rumors of Dany Heatley going to the Los Angeles Kings -- talk has been muted and no one appears to be spilling anything further. We seem to have caused enough panic on both coasts and up north as our post Dany Heatley To The Kings? drummed up more hits and page loads than ever before on this site.  It goes to show you that people do care where Heatley lands.  I think this Heatley-trade-me-because-I-am-Not-Appreciated off-season debacle is something comparable to watching Britney Spears.   We are sick to death of her and her antics, but as the hockey equivalent we cannot get enough --- all waiting for the next misstep, to find out who is stupid enough to engage in Murray's trading tactics, bow our heads as Edmonton continues to display inferiority in their own roster, etc...  More, more, more....   If you are sick to death of hearing about it and it is getting all blown out of proportion, then stop reading about it you sycophants!!!  (and also, The Dark Ranger welcomes sycophants)



  1. hey man, got the stickers and buttons in the mail yesterday. thanks a ton! keep up the great work


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