Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tortorella Speaks

If you missed it and you're reading this post, go here for mandatory reading. Jeff Klein of the New York Times interviewed 'Coach Torts' and we get honesty like we haven't heard since the days of Mike Keenan (the similarities are uncanny).

I do think Tortorella is a 'tone-setter' for training camp, someone who cares about the team as much as we do as die-hard fans. Even during the playoffs, it felt that Jaromir Jagr and Tom Renney left their marks on the franchise -- inconsistent style of play, tired, lazy, 'looking for the perfect shot', horrible power play, etc.

A month from now, these things will be addressed and we can thank the new coach for the attitude change.

Though, we can only hope this season he'll resist throwing chairs at fans that have a quicker wit than he does...



  1. Excellent choice of picture on so many levels. Great post.

    Summer is on the wanve and the ice rink condensers are coming out of storage.

  2. I can feel the moistness in the's time. Get ready. I cannot wait (even if it's a disaster in the making)...


  3. THE PREACHER. How blasphemous! I like it.


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