Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flyers Completely Destroy the Rangers, 6-0

Hello Blueshirts, or whatever fancy name you Ranger fans call yourselves. F Da Rangers here sitting in for Dark, who must have had a premonition that his team would crap the bed against my Flyers tonight. Could be due to all the nasty things he wrote about the orange and black (scroll down) a few posts ago, and his unhealthy obsession with what's going on with the Flyers. Ever notice that? Well Karma is a bitch as he points out, and an unprovoked attack on a struggling team sometimes has a way of coming back to haunt. It's all Dark's fault. Plus the Rangers can now only earn 1 point next game with the new Destroy Rule (NHL 2010: a team that gets shutout by 6+ goals in one game will only be awarded one point for their next win).

What an enjoyable game! I mentioned to my wife beforehand that the Flyers needed a good 6-0 thumping to help them continue their momentum (now a 4 game win streak), and continue in righting the ship before the Winter Classic against the Bruins on New Year's Day. I mean we all know they are one of the most talented teams in the league and that it's just a matter of time for them to pull it all together, every smart hockey fan knows that. They showed tonight when they play their game, a team like the Rangers clearly doesn't stand a chance. Having called the score before the game, my wife is now slightly freaked out.

So what can I say about the game? Flyers score in the first minute, they were faster and hungrier from the opening faceoff, and a former Ranger - Blaire Betts - appropriately and immediately spoiled Henrik's 300th game. A few minutes later, I enjoyed seeing Brashear with his head down, trying to play soccer with the puck like a double-blader on a pond in 8th grade, which ultimately led to Briere securing the 2-0 lead. Our old friend Donnie B helping out. Girioux put the good guys up 3-0 with a hard earned goal. Then Simon Gagne took over by welcoming Chad Johnson to the NHL! Ocho Cinco never saw his first ever NHL shot against until he turned around and looked in the net. I wonder if that's a first for a pro goalie? Gagne makes it a natural hatchtrick to round out the scoring, very nice to see him back from hernia surgery and showing the explosiveness of yesteryear. You can look at the shots, scoring chances, faceoffs, and it all points to the Flyers. They completely outplayed the Rangers, and I'm struggling to come up with any positive things to say about your team. I must say it feels deeply satisfying.

A few observations:

1) Hartnell/Avery Fight - I was hoping for Round 2 after their brief tango in the 1st. Disappointing that it didn't resurface, but perhaps the Flyers are being smarter about taking unnecessary penalties. Good to see Hartnell come to the defense of Gagne, the recipient of an Avery hackjob.

2) Chad Johnson debut - while he'll always be Gagne's bitch, he showed some poise and managed to make a few saves.

3) MSG Announcers - I don't know these knuckleheads, but one of the guys referred to Tortorella yelling at the team during the timeout, saying "that's not a sunburn he has." Funny.

4) Fans - lots of "bronx" cheers for your team. Plus one for the ref when he fell over in the 3rd, as though the ref caused the problems tonight. Classic. People always like to point this out in Philly as though it never happens in their arena for their own team. It's okay blueshirts, own up to it, wear it proudly like we do. It feels good to let it out and it's healthy too.

5) Flyers goalie Michael Leighton doesn't even get one of the stars on a 6-0 shutout. A testament to how thorough a beating it was.

Well kids, not much else to say. This was a bright spot in an otherwise frustrating season for Flyers fans, so I'm enjoying it. I believe the Flyers will finish strong in second half. Not sure I can say the same for your "Blueshirts." Good luck, and see you on January 21, 2010. Hopefully you're still not trying for that 1 point win still!!!


  1. I dont know who you are, or why you are writing this sum up for the game (or lack there of), but you are the prime example of the typical j**k-off Philly fan (doesnt matter the sport)... i hope tomorrow night someone takes a leak in your beer before you drink it. Happy New Years!!

  2. Ironic that anonymous is asking me who I am! Why I am F Da Rangers, Dark's little brother, a lifelong Flyers fan, frequent comment writer and guest poster over the years. I'm going to use my newfound supernatural powers and predict that you won't get laid in 2010. Not once. Happy New Year!!

  3. Hey F da, (wow how funny) and the 1 point comment (even funnier)

    Stay off this site and go jerk off to your Pronger poster.

  4. I thought the 1 point was funny. C'mon, I had you fooled for a second. And I'm more of a Mike Richards guy, but maybe I'll take a second look at Pronger at your urging. Happy Hockey Anonymous - you'll be the one jerkin' it in 2010, so says my crystal ball.

  5. I still get a kick out of the Anonymous/FDA Rangers comments. Though we are resigned to the Rangers not making the cut this year, it's fun to watch a 6th place team shit-the-bed over and over in goal. Two more losses Philly and you'll be fighting for the 8th slot. How sad. All that firepower...and no protection.



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