Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lundqvist Stands On His Head For The Win! NYR 2, Flyers 1

Dark here, folks, on a delayed train during a blizzard returning from the Wachovia Center in Philly with Little Dark hoping to make it back to the Big Apple sometime before midnight.

Decked in Ranger jersey Blue, it was safe showing our colors this afternoon in Kill-adelphia as the beer drinking lunatic Flyers fans were at a minimum, half of the WC was empty at best due to the weather.  The attendance reminded me of any recent game at MSG.  Needless to say, any serious hecklers kept a distance due to my kid in hand, but I digress.

Move over Big Apple Circus!  Eat your heart out Barnum & Bailey!  Goalkeeper "King" Henrik Lundqvist stole this game from the Flyers with 36 saves total, 12 of them in the last period.  He flipped, juggled, dove, made-out with 3 ice-girls and sanitized a creepy 'Orange and Black wave onslaught' leaving the Flyers with another loss and now the 3rd worst team in the Eastern Conference for today.  Lundqvist played like The King as we know him.  The one we expect.  He showed up and left Philly fans depressed and in awe.  

With two-wins in a row, the Blueshirts managed to slide up to the 9th position, although only 3 points ahead of the ailing Flyers; the battle for playoff positioning is 'too close to call' with too many games ahead of us to get confident.

If you want the stats, go here for the boring stuff.

Is it too early to credit coach Torts for a turn around?  How many wins does he need to prove that his "Speak Loudly And Carry a Really Big Stick" philosophy actually works?  As for me, two more wins and he'll have me back.  You?

Aside from one of the better Lundqvist performances of the season, there were absolutely too many Ranger penalties but they were generally fought off hard with active forechecking and a desperation in their eyes.  The special Torts-reserve hot coals and Blue pitchfork were waiting at the bench otherwise.  A good job on the p-kill! (Or be killed)

The second award today goes to resident agitator Sean Avery - where even in Philadelphia he is hated by all, kids of all ages screaming their version of "Avery Sucks" homage to our Dennis Potvin chant at MSG.  Nice one, Philly - a true original.  Avery's effect was evident throughout the first period, throwing even the likes of Chris Pronger into a bad mood.  Boy, they hate our guy.  When Flyers fight-boy Daniel Carcillo attempted to play fisticuffs with our Marian Gaborik - seconds later Avery shot back a message with a subtle slash to Carcillo's shins.  Good to see Torts letting him do his thing.

Sitting on the ice level this game (we just moved down because no one was there) there were things you see that the camera doesn't catch --- our boys hustled today and it showed.  Being up close, Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan are marvels -- I have always enjoyed what they've individually brought to the ice, but this Torts thing is getting to them and they are playing smarter and stronger because of it.  A huge effort from them.

Congrats Chris Drury on the first goal during the first period.  Nice shot.  Who knew?

So there is always more to say and I'll leave it with that.  We are just passing Trenton on the Penn line and, wow, it's only taken us 2 hours.  Maybe Rudolph the Red Nosed Ranger will guide us home safely!


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