Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anyone Surprised?

Here is the link.  Now our part-time enforcer Donald Brashear is on waivers and it is most likely that no one in the NHL will claim him.  So....look out Hartford!!!?        tdr

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  1. Mine is probably not the popular opinion, but its hard to say its all Brashears fault. I wont say he got a raw deal because he is getting quite a bit of money for the time he spends in civies.

    Many of us were against him coming here. Then he got here and some of the fans were already against him. His pugilistic skills on the slide werent helped by the injuries and Tortorella's refusal to actively let him enforce and engage people. I think Don found out what a lot of players do when they come here.

    "Whatever it is, that you used to do... we want you to do it here because people will pay to see it... Try and squeeze it in between:
    - chipping in on offense( because our offense guys are inconsistent)
    - chipping in on defense (because our defensive guys are soft and cant take the body);
    - providing leadership (because our leader are kind of stoic and mousey or dramatic and emotional)
    - trying to fit into our system because we avoid that high risk go to the net stuff and are still using the boards as training wheels for our passing.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of guys take our money and laugh allthe way to the bank while taking it easy on the ice. Its hard to neglect how much the team dynamics play into some of these players fizzing once they get here and igniting once they go to a different team. Theres no such thing as a role player on this team because there are few people forced into fulfilling their obligations for the roles to be clearly defined.


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