Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Garden Says Stay Home

Ah..the Olympic Break and a break from all Rangers coverage for you, the readers, and us bloggers.  With the New York Rangers coming off a stunning two wins, one against the defending Stanley Cup champions and the other a surging Tampa Bay Lightning -- NY management decided it was time to recognize the season-ticket holders and send a reminding gift that the playoffs and renewals are soon coming, an expression that The Garden treats us well and takes care of it's own.

So today I received a NYR glass popcorn maker.    We couldn't make this shit up.

I actually received this today dear readers of DARK (along with another 12,000 people today), accompanied with a Ranger bag of popcorn to go along with it.  This was an odd choice.  (also because it strangely looks like a Blueshirt Bong -- see picture).  In other words, the message I received today was...


News flash to the MSG marketing department:  I always appreciate the free stuff, but perhaps a New York Rangers special jersey, hat, t-shirt, a commemorative Olympic program showcasing the Blueshirt talent would have been more appropriate at this point in the season, or even better, something I can bring to the Garden to show my support and show my friends and family as I further exploit your brand?

Folks in Garden Blue, popcorn takes extreme heat to pop, so maybe this is perhaps symbolic of John Tortorella and a non-popping team?  Maybe you are sending us unedible kernels?  This is a perfect parallel to how the fanbase feels about the team this year as we continue to shell out economy-shaken-hard-earned-dollars for a gesture created by young MSG marketing interns posing "everyone has a hat...!  so why not a Blueshirt diaper bag? a Blueshirt battery charger? HEY a popcorn maker!!!!!"  Think about what these expensive novelties have to do with the fan.  Come on.  Be smarter.

We are looking for value as season-ticket holders.  Save the cute expensive gifts as we are ultimately paying for them.  If you really want to think about your fans, lower the ticket prices.



  1. " This was an odd choice. (also because it strangely looks like a Blueshirt Bong ..."

    MSG probably figured hell, season ticket holders must have been on something to have watched this team for the majority of a season and still be this sedated... and you guys would have to really get baked out of your skulls to pay for or even envision a post season this year.

    Either that or perhaps Dolan bought a stake in and needed to clean out a warehouse to make room for all the 4th line players/aging enforcers/wannabe toughguys/ once upon a time D-men, etc.

  2. Hmmm. I did not get one of these beauties. Yet. Instead, I got a gym bag with a Rangers logo. I may have made out like the proverbial bandit . . . unless you got one as well.

    How about the Olympics -- the USA has taken care of business better than Canada and Russia. Wow. Hiller was magnificent for the Swiss. Looking forward to Sunday night's showdown -- Canada v. USA.

  3. I got the duffel bag too. Is that the difference between the "lifer" plan, and the ...other one? Is it family or something?


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