Friday, March 26, 2010

The $7 Million Dollar Goal

                                                 Rangers 4, Devils 3  SO

Why not save it for last?

Just when you thought it was over, The Boys In Blue pulled out another unlikely win against the NJ Devils of Newark, led by Captain Drury and his $7 million dollar clutch -- who with 20 seconds left in regulation took a sweet backhanded feed from Erik Christensen reminding us why we drafted him in the first place.  The Clutchman Cometh (at least for one game, that is...).   That one goal was worth seven big ones.

So that makes two wins in a row for the Rangers making them 'Undead' - at least they're walking and are determined to play for blood, take on the living, seeking hockey world domination.  With Boston and Philly both losing last night, the Rangers advance back into the realm of 'maybe' only three points from the 8th and last playoff spot. 

Go here for a more articulate and less exhausting recap.

This was one hellava game.  Generally (with few exceptions) a game versus New Jersey is a good one. Regardless of where we are in the standings, the anticipation and level of play is always something reminiscent of the battle over Mingo County - the Hatfield Rangers the more articulate and well connected to their McCoy Devil backwater rivals across the Hudson.

Obvious in any match with the NJ Beelzebubs, it comes down to two bodies in net.  Henrik hates Marty.  Marty hates Henrik.  Not only does 'Fatty B' dislike 'The King", but the fans have accelerated the teams' goalkeeper rivalry by dueling simple-minded chants such as "M-A-R-T-YSSSSS  B-E-T-T-E-R" followed by Rangers fans screaming the equivalent for the younger, more good-looking and equally as talented Blueshirt 'TEAM-in-a-box goalie' Henrik Lundqvist.  Time will show what Henrik delivers in the long run, but one thing is for sure - last night Henrik was more solid having to make up for our lack of D-men - and was dominant in the shootout.    H-E-N-R-I-K's better.  Simply.  Oh, and also....

Lundqvist became the first NHL goalie to earn 30 wins in each of his first five seasons and the first Rangers netminder to post five straight 30-win campaigns.    (Sorry Marty)

Brandon Dubinsky & Artem Anisimov registered the first two goals, followed by the thrilling 20-seconds left Drury multi-million-Joisey-Devil-jaw-drop tie-breaker.

The Blueshirts sit one point away from the Atlanta Thrashers (9th slot) and 3 points away from Boston (8th slot).  Hold on to your pants, folks....

Though Drury wasn't able to deliver the CLUTCH during the Olympics for TEAM USA, perhaps he and this over-privileged and underwhelming Blueshirts squad can deliver a MIRACLE of our own by making the playoffs.  You never know.....  You never know....

Toronto Maple Leafs are next at the A.C.C. on Saturday night.  "Hey Colton my little friend Prust and Shelley!"    Should be a nail-biter.



  1. A great game indeed. Finally the Captain delivers to another team what he did to us in the playoffs as a Sabre. I think there is hope for the rangers as long as they keep thinking the season is lost.

  2. HL Blog -- here, here.. I agree.
    Rangers2010 -- isn't that funny that they're playing with more desperation than any previous games? I like your Jedi trick of thinking it's all gone. Maybe the Sith Sather used that technique when he believed Gomez could never be traded, and Wah-LAAAA!!!!!

    I will only believe if we win three more in a row, book-ending the season with seven wins at the beginning and five wins at the end.


  3. The Rags suck and there is no way they are making the playoffs stop writing about them because they'll all be traded in the off season and Slats will pick up Chelios and a bunch of other overaged vets. have fun ny.


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