Monday, March 22, 2010

Keywords To Being A Rangers Fan

Isn't it exhausting reading about what the Blueshirts need to do now, now that they dropped a pivotal-playoff-contending game to the equally struggling Boston Bruins on Sunday afternoon?

Well, if you haven't read anything about the loss, then please go here for the vanilla-induced recap of the game in Boston.  Or if you are a reader or fan of DARK hockey, then perhaps if you were to Google the following keywords on any Rangers site:  consistency, overpaid, underachieving, 'Fire Sather', lacking desperation', 'lacking heart' -  you would find not only a recap describing yesterday's loss to the Bruins, but it is fair to say that you would find recaps of games throughout the 2009-2010 season.  

As an avid follower of my dear Blueshirts, there are only so many angles in the loss (reading or writing), and every time you think we've been here before, you were right.  Boston was no exception to this rule.  The consistency we've been looking for all season is right there in front of us.

A bad loss.

From a fan point of view, the above keywords could also accurately describe our own experiences this season:

Consistency - the fans are consistent.  Why not the players?
Overpaid - the fans are overpaying for what they are getting.
Underachieving - a losing home-game record!  Wow.
'Fire Sather' -  more press for the bastard.  He's not going anywhere, kids.
Lacking Desperation - the fans not wanting the Rangers to embarrass themselves in the playoffs against The Caps.
Lacking heart - this team has been breaking our hearts all season.  Enough already.  It's like break-up sex without an emotional connection.

So as much as we criticize the management, big dollar Dolan, the Captain, the rookies, The Coach, we continue to talk with great passion about the organization that we love -- which obviously points out that we, as consumers of good hockey, want good hockey.  It was/is a bad year at The Garden and you can see the cracks in the place, the team and, most importantly, the fans.   This is the first year I can remember that so many fans of the Rangers are this vocal and angry.

I suppose it's like an abusive relationship, a dependency --- but we can all count on one thing, we'll keep coming back for more.  The good, the bad, and even the shitty seasons.  They can raise the ticket prices when we don't make the playoffs.   Will it piss us off?  You bet - and we'll complain.  But we'll be there at The Garden and The MAN knows it.

Do you want an entirely new experience this season?  Enjoy the playoffs and watch those 'heart-filled' teams that earn the colors, earn the fans and work to make the Cup theirs on every level.  Let's look at the Phoenix Coyotes. Watch the little bankrupt team in the desert ride high in passion and consistency, willing to lay it on the line every friggin game TO PROVE TO THE SMALL DEVOTED FANS AND THE NAYSAYERS, TO THE EXILED QUITTER ALL-STAR COACH, THAT THEY ARE A TEAM THAT DESERVES THE CUP.....  Watch the desperation and see 'em get damn far in the standings --- because they will have earned it.  Will they win the Cup?  Probably not and the fans never expected it.  But there is pride in your team.  That's why you buy the tickets for the season.  That's why you follow the team when they suck.  Because they try.

So pay up suckers.  Keep your checkbook in hand because before you know it, the renewal notice arrives in the mail in a fancy '$20 dollar worth' disposable Rangers folder with promises of new, not old - and a promise of rebuilding, collaboration and The Brotherhood.  Ching, ching, ching, as the re-telling of a dream gets older and older every season.

See you at The Garden on Wednesday.  Big rival game.  Remember?  The Islanders!  Potvin Sucks!!?
(Pssst....we used to hate them)



  1. Dark you always have a way of cheering me up. NOT! Keep up the fight and I'll keep reading.

  2. I am tired of the Rangers. I love the shield, the honor but if they don't abide by it, it's hard for me to as well. So much needs to change with this team. There are probably only a handful of players i would want to keep in the off-season: Henrik LUndquist, Marion Gaborik, Vinny Prospal, Sean Avery, Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal and Eric Christenson.

    That's it. Trade them all away and get rid of Tortorella who doesn't have the ears and trust in his players. It's over.

    Rebuild. Rebuild. Rebuild.

  3. dj - thats what we're here for. WE are like Blueshirt Confession here at TDR.

    mike - agreed. i am tired too. I might throw in Michael Del Zotto and Matt Gilroy as they have been outstanding (mostly MDZ) as rookies this season. They will develop into solid D-men providing we don't trade them away this summer. IN regards to rebuilding, with a loss tomorrow night against the Islanders (I suppose) I hope the coaches and Sather decide to use this time to give valuable minutes to some of the newer players (Bobby Sanguinetti, Grachev, etc.) -- the Wolfpack elite -- and send them down to play real hockey, as opposed to exhibition. Give them real minutes and let them prove their worth finally. IT's unlikely, but this is what a franchise should do when the end is imminent. Until another bad loss, this won't happen.

    But our future is bright and I am hopeful that youth will prevail on Broadway.


  4. Great piece TDR, and entirely on point...

  5. Thanks dj,MIke,Scotty and All devoted fans... I'll give you a shout-out tonight at the game, if I can see past the 3D Camera Man (nice post SH)...



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