Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girardi Elects Salary Arbitration

Dan Girardi, "our deer in the headlights defenseman" certain that he could make-good on last season's unforgivable non-enforcing performance while Flyer's Daniel Carcillo beat the pulp out of Ranger's star Marian Gaborik,  has elected for salary arbitration over the weekend.

Obviously, Sather didn't quite feel he was worth what he was asking for.  Girardi is a restricted agent, so once again the Evil General Manager Glen Sather, who feels he has the leverage, will make public why he think Girardi is not worth the money, why he should be making four times less money than Wade Redden (I'd love to be a fly on the wall when that comes up).  There aint nothing like airing someone's dirty laundry.   And so it goes...

Another restricted agent, Marc Staal remains unsigned too.  (ggggrrrr)

I find it strange that anyone would elect to salary arbitration -- such was the case of Sean Avery two seasons ago, Nick Zherdev last season and now for Dan Girardi this season, where the management and team you are negotiating to be part of takes a very loud and visible position as to why you are NOT worth the money; how you are NOT part of the core, why you are NOT being awarded a reasonable contract like those (less-talented) around you on the same team....  The list goes on.  But eventually, after public feuds and agents and press people looking in -- you hopefully end with a contract, mutually agreed upon - everyone walks away a little unhappy which makes for a good deal in the end.  But here's the rub for the player and management...

You now hate each other.

So may the 'Dan Girardi arbitration' of 2010 be short & sweet.  Not sure if this was even necessary, as Slats probably has you mixed up in some random trade with Dallas or Calgary and before you know it, you get that Redden-ish contract and years from now you end of playing for the Bismarck Bobcats, dreaming of the days of playing in the big city in front of the savage fans and big lights.

Girardi may be looking at his options, but I suspect the Jedi has other plans for you, kid!



  1. Rangers Dumping Ground 2010Tuesday, July 06, 2010 10:53:00 AM

    Funny that Sean Avery and Zherdev left the team shortly after arbitration it's a good point that each hate each other. Girardi is a good dman with the exception of his goof last January. I bet he's a ranger again in no time.

  2. I hope he's trade bait. He was good for about a season, its been tapering off since then. He doesn't step up consistently and isn't a a guy you hate to play against. You pointed out the sticking point when it comes to all things Rangers. This team has its own scope. Its crazy some of the stuff that the players can get away with here because we're desperate for experience that doesn't have one foot in the grave and talent that isn't banking on potential. Girardi matched against someone comparable outside the organization doesn't really draw many comparisons... but enough to get his 3. Still the argument that can be made that he could walk into a hearing and say i'm one of the best D-men this team has, makes him seem like Leetch or Borque. I hope he gets his three and we walk and give the 3 to someone who consistently plays 3M worth of D.

  3. Girardi playing with Staal is essential to our team. They keep up with Torts system and they almost always show up night after night so i want him back on this team, rather than a bunch of new guys coming in.


    We need more and a The Undertaker straight out of the draft is unlikely to be a difference maker this season.

    ken lyers

  4. Uhm...Sather is obviously a Sith Lord, and not a Jedi. So, get it right.


  5. Oh great, Dark... now you upset the Lucas/star wars nerds... now we'll have to answer questions about why Redden just can't be encased carbonite till his contract runs out... and debate whether brashear is really a shaved wookie... and wether Avery did it with princess Leia..


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