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It was a fiercely contested game. How fierce was it. It turned brother against brother as older brother Eric had no problem delivering a headshot to younger brother Marc when the Staals met along the boards. Marc who was skating with his head down would eventually leave the game with a slight knee tweak that Tortorella would later describe as nothing serious.

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Our blueshirts showed life early with heavy hitting, while Caroline did their best to get the run and gun game going with the speed of Eric Cole and an aggressive as usual Eric Staal. While we seemed to be taking the fight to the Canes, and even managed to score the first goal. The sheer amount of odd man rushes and semi breakaways in their favor was enough to make every Ranger fan facepalm about every 2 minutes. With Henrik making great stop after great stop, we managed to scamper into overtime and netting at least one point, thanks to a lot of patience and puck handling of Wojtek Wolski in the Carolina zone, in the closing minutes. In Jagr-esque fashion, Wolski showed his potential weaving through red Cane jerseys and drawing attention away from the far side of the net. Michael Sauer would come down from the blue line to chip in, but it would be unnecessary as Wolskis pass was batted in on a defensive attempt of a Cane defensemen.

With the Rangers surviving a 5 minute overtime in which 4 on 4 would have almost spelled doom for the team considering the Canes speed and even more breakaway opportunities, the attention turned to the shootout. We seemed to have a pretty decent first 3 for shootouts in Christensen, Zuccs and Wolski. With Ward stopping Christensen and Zuccs shooting wide, Wolski took his time winding his way down and drawing Ward off center. While many of us were expecting Wolski to do his divide and conquer move (body and skates going left and his Stick and puck going right) around Ward, Wolski took advantage of the non centered Ward and smoke one top shelf over the glove.

Prior to the shootout, Wolski could be seen in the corner consulting with Marty Biron on what his options were on Ward. Perhaps Zuccz and Christensen could have benefited from the Back up sage. At this point we should be doing everything we can to close out games and win and separate ourselves from those behind us. Wolski showed an awareness and appreciation for that urgency. It is, however, a concept that hasn’t seemed to resonate with some members of the team. We must move forward every chance we get. Every second of every period or every game or we’ll find ourselves in that dreaded or die last game of the season again.

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