Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make Room for MCCabe

According to TSN.CA: Florida Panthers captain Bryan McCabe has been traded to the New York Rangers in exchange for forward Tim Kennedy and a third-round draft pick. Read the full story here.

In addition to scoring from the Blue line, Perhaps McCabe will be able to use his experience as captain to provide some added calming influence for when things get a little frantic and the teams energy disperses and mistakes begin to snowball. If not, its only a rental till July 1st. At which point, should we decide to keep him or he decide he wants to stay, he can be signed to a new (maybe less expensive contract.

As for Kennedy, he seemed to have a lot of hustle early on and be the type of player that could excel in this young leg, grinding system. Was he another Callahan? I guess the Panthers will have a chance to find that out. The 3rd round pick. Eh well.... A few seasons ago, we seemed like a team that should be grasping for our picks like Rosie O'Donnell for the last jelly donut. But our farm system seems to be a lot more effective with Schoeny back there cracking the whip and helping develop our younger guys. So I'm willing to let a pick slide here and there. At the very least come July 1st, we'll still be free up of Kennedy's money and Kreider would be that much closer to making the team.

Sound Off, Ranger Fans... Will McCabe make a difference? We want your Opinions.

Till next Time Ranger Fans,


  1. I hope we get the good McCabe because the bad McCabe will wish we had rozsival and Redden back on the bench; though famous for scoring on his own goals on a number of occasions, he is a solid experienced d-man that Rangers fans have been calling for for two seasons now. MDZ has been transported back to the Whale and THANK YOU BABY JESuS that those prayers were answered. It is also a great deal, especially given we didn't have to give up Gilroy or one of our young guys.....this is a good move by Slats. With McCabe and his Heatley-en restrictive trade movement, meaning he'd only move to NYC, this worked out for Slats and a horrible deal for the Panthers losingntheir Captain and having absolutely no bargaining power.

    Now let us see fif Richards pans out by Monday!


  2. Good Call DJ - Forgot about backfire goals... Only moving to NYC is not such a bad thing. Especially if we want to hammer out a new deal. Now that bring up the Captain thing. It seems now more than ever, Captains are easily put up on the block. Those were usually guys that were moved in the off season. With Drury, I'd take either, to be honest...

  3. Big shot that hits the "net" and a little sand paper on the back end. Not a bad trade for slats to get as a rental.Resign him no effin way go back to the youth!!!!!


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