Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is it just me?

Two things:

1. Is it just me looking at this blog and my proud greatest fan observations?

2. Is it just me who isn't even thinking about the Lord Stanley Cup finals tomorrow through june? Aside from the tremendous talent and earning of the two finalists, I couldn't even give two hoots about Anaheim and Ottawa! Sure, the games will be fun to watch (and I will) and it will be exciting to watch two teams that haven't played once this season....could be a romp!

But to say it in two words:

Anaheim and Ottawa

Blah and blah!



  1. No one cares about Ottawa or Anaheim? Millions of people tuned into NBC to hear Don Cherry talk about fighting in the new NHL. Pierre McGuire yelled and Alfresson gave up on scoring goals and took slap shots on opposing players. Are you angry because Ontario has a team in the finals and NY (3 teams) NONE!
    Take that TDR! LEAFS in 2007-2008

  2. Oh right...the failed Boston Bruins coach who wears FABULOUS! and FANCY! crashing suits to make a point, now as Canada's hockey spokesman! NBC will kick him off the by the end of the year because he'll say something racist...ten bucks I'm right.

  3. Damn you TDR! Good Points :(

    Maple Leafs 2007-2008


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