Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Am A (Dark) Ranger! Revealed.

I am Cindy Schmidt and I am eleven years old. I am a Dark Ranger.

Thanks for visiting my site for up-to-date Rangers news over the last couple of years. It is that time for my loyal devoted readers of Rangers' Darkness to now know my true identity. With over two hundred hits a day, almost 400 posts later - it's time for a break until True Blue hockey season re-emerges come September. I have to go to hockey camp in August and my Dad won't let me take the laptop to Camp Jersey Pucks-n-Stuff, so I'll be without my friends in Blue for a while, surrounded by awful, idiot Jersey Devils fans. God I hate that f*cker Lou!

I know, I know, OMG....all of these signings? And what happened to my team? I miss Sean Avery already- he was the bomb, so..... While I'm determined to be the first professional woman player in the NHL (with the exception of Marty Brodeur or Darcy Tucker), you can get plenty of Blueshirt action from my recommended fellow bloggers - the only true sources of up-to-date Rangerplay:

The Ranger Pundit - give my regards to Mike and gang....realists in the world of Tom Renney and his gang of clueless. Make this a daily...send him cupcakes.

Scotty Hockey - this guy posts more 'Ranger blogs per day' than the cumulative conversations Slats and Jagr had over three seasons! Known to often bitch about the ticket prices, this Scotty is one hell-of-a Rangers fan and some of the most up-to-date info about our Blueshirts. I wonder if he's cute?

Pucks On Broadway - one of my comrades (I think he's eleven years old too!!?), now a big-shot with The Hockey News -- so only believe half of what he writes. Good stuff though.

Slapshot - can you believe the New York Times has one of the best hockey blogs on the planet. Eat your heart out TSN, and by far blogger extraordinaire Lynn Zinser is now my Hillary of the Hockey World -- go woman power!

Newcomers to The Dark Ranger and special mention go to 5-hole, The Manic Ranger Fan, and the Syracuse boys over at the NYRangerscast podcast (now celebrating the exodus of Jason Strudwick!!!!). Everyone should visit these blogs on my vacation.

So there it is in it's full teenage glory. See you in September ready to jump onboard, so until then...and as MSG would tell us over and over with their new soundbites....

I am a (Dark) Ranger.


  1. Hey Dark,you sound more like a bitter eighty year old man still waiting for a Cup. Pretty advanced for a 11 year old. ;)

  2. love the sight.Hopefully a cup is coming soon

  3. Dark and Darkette. Now I know where all that good stuff comes from. "From the mouth of babes". Would love those cupcakes but the Rangers turned into that under "Clueless".

    Anyhow, you guys all have a great summer and this is one pretty close to eighty year old man who still has some hope in him with the right coach.

    Happy trails!

  4. Oh no DR you are not no 11 year old going off to summer hockey camp.

    You are in truth a 7 yr old who is looking for a fat payday from the KHL by blogging over in Russia

  5. Not nearly as cute as you lil Dark lady ...

  6. dj, hey, at least we're not the Leafs.
    rangers111, I second that...keep stopping by -- teenage point of view ;)
    pundit...well it is the first time in three years with a coach, so... Hilarious responses on the Cindy Schmidt thing...people actually believe what they read/hear...they actually think Sather is building a team.
    Jess...hey, I heard about the Blackhawks...maybe Omsk will name me CAptain? And a girl captain at that (oh, right..Sid in Pittsburgh was first)
    Scotty..while in Prague, just wear a Jagr jersey to the game and see how cute you look... ;)

    I may be on hiatus, but I cannot stay away....well...all right...good bye again.



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