Monday, November 3, 2008

Do You Agree or Disagree?

Some post thoughts from a DARK reader after the devastating loss to Toronto this weekend. I openly pose the question, "DO YOU AGREE or DISAGREE?"

"It almost you gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it Dark? The funny thing is if you stepped into a room 100 rangers fans and asked: "Who saw this coming?" 99 of us would raise our hands and the one that didn't, would answer "it's not the post season yet."

Now I don't want to say we had this coming. Everything was happening the way it was supposed to for us (aside from Cherepenov - RIP cherry). We were getting contributions from everywhere, we won the Victoria Cup in fabled comeback style, had a great record so far; we were top in the division, the east, the League!!!
The more I think about it...You bet your sweet...err..Caroline, we had this coming. It was like the opening of the seventh seal. The bizzare happenings should have had us all quaking in our skates.. -

We didn't have any injuries yet and actually had too many kids cracking the lineup for us to find space for them all.

- 2 goals from Betts so far -
We finally managed to unload Jessiman.
Mitch Fritz, a guy we turned loose, beats the heavyweight champ (Laraque) while wearing an islander jersey.


Things were not normal, ladies and gents. We're lucky a 5-2 comback beating is the only trauma we sustained. Of course theres still time for the leafs to acquire Ortmeyer and revive our old HMO line that will net Ryan Hollweg's Hat trick against us this season.
Lets just hope this is was a Halloween prank courtesy of the hockey gods. Yeeesh...."



  1. You are NOT supposed to say it! You can think it. Dark and J put a spell on our boys! Damn you.

  2. We on the outside looking in find The Rangers to be a curious team, as their performance has not been stellar though they continue to win games.

    Larry Brooks of The Post pointed out that Tom Renney is making a fatal decision to move Scott Gomez into the Callahan Betts line, and he should stick with what had worked for the first six games. I couldn't agree more. Someone comically referred to "Renney's chemistry set" and this is dangerous ground for any NHL coach - messing with the lines. This could be Renney's misstep. Just as any hockey fantasy player knows, some of the veterans take time in the season to warm up, but they need the benefit of time playing together to make goals and make sound hockey. Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev should be the first line.

    NY is a good team. A young team. Obviously, having 20+ points after a month of play is impressive -- and disappointing when one game falls over, but this will push you toward the playoffs better than most.

    You never know what is going to hit you over the head in this game.


  3. I only saw 10 minutes of the game in Toronto. But, being a Rangers fan for 40 something years, I listen to my body. I was only a minute or two into viewing the last 5 minutes of the second when I started to get those those queasy "Rangers are going for a sh!t tonight" feelings, you know the deal, you can't believe how sloooow they are on the puck and how fast the other team is, so much for speed.

    No, I still thought they would win, because I put on my rose coloured glasses about that time.

    So no, I don't agree. I consider the fact I didn't really believe it was coming was due to the fact I knew the train was approaching, I could see and hear it quite clearly, but it wouldn't have time to blow us to smithereens before the whistle blew.

    My answer my be convoluted, but did I even answer the right question?

  4. 1) Its a LONG season folks. Those kinds of games happen. Even the 1977 Canadiens lost 8 times.
    2) The difference between the elite and just good teams are the elite teams learn from the errors and avoid prolonged losing streaks

  5. Faux the reason of logic....and thank God for the long season. It sure is nice to have 20+ points.


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