Saturday, November 8, 2008

Speaking of Vacations..

For the Rangers to be successful tonight against a team that is fast, dangerous without the puck and tough inside the face off circle, my instincts tell me to follow my, well, instincts on this one by lending my full support to the awe inspiring Dark Ranger:

"If you cover their franchise player (Ovechkin) and effectively shut him down individually, the shutdown of the team is inevitable. Ovie motivates his team and sets the example, and the Blueshirts have it in them to make him ineffective if they properly play the system! Hear that, Rozzy? No more double turnovers on the blueline! Remind yourself that you're our stud defenseman and everything will be fine. Well, in the end, tonight's game will be all about THE what else is new? May his alter-ego-goaltender Prince Hank not show up this evening."...TDR

As a Ranger fan I have somewhat of an obligation to root against the Capitals tonight, but somewhere deep within my hockey soul, I have love for Ovechkin and Semin. Two super Russians that can score highlighters game in and game out; they are fast as hell, have great vision in the neutral/offensive zones and both have amazing shots as well as insanely soft hands that can deke around even defenseman as highly skilled as Marek Malik. Tonight, I want to see Wade Redden play BIG D; I want to see Nik Zherdev play up to his Russian counterparts and not give up the puck; Callahan and Naslund to continue their fine forechecking.

One can only pray that coach Tom Renney finally gets the message and benches Nigel effing Dawes, the biggest waste on the Ranger offensive corps. Is it just me, or does he look like a small, bent over troll patrolling the ice? He skates slow, as if he always seems to be out of position and what's with his stats? Put Fritsche or Rissmiller in there for a shot..yes he does work well with Chris Drury and Gomez, but I think that the time has come to bench this guy and show him that the only way to stay in this lineup is to produce.

In the end, all that matters is the "W", and tonight against Brent Johnson in goal against Lundy, we should have a solid 2 points by 9:30, at the latest (no OT for this one)!!

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  1. 1) The Rangers appeared flat out there Saturday night. If not for the King, this one could have been ugly.
    2) Johnson played well, stopping the Drury penalty shot, but the Ranger offense never effectively established a good forecheck against turn over prone DC defenders


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