Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now That's The Team I Remember!!! NYR 2, Toronto 5

New York Rangers naysayers rejoice as the Blueshirts were cremated in the last seven minutes of play in the third period last night by the younger-than-young Toronto Maple Leafs.

We were raked!

The Dark Ranger actually stopped watching after 10 minutes into the third period, having full confidence that Tom Renney's defensive lock-down would take effect and the Rangers would end the game 2-0, goalkeeper Stephen Valiquette would once again shut out one of his regulars..... How wrong I was. The cell phone was waiting to be turned on this morning with the devastating text messages - all six of them, five goals in eight minutes and the dreaded final 'game ended' text.

F@ck!!! I thought our new squad was done with the two-goal curse! Damn you Rangers! I love you and I hate you!

Let this be a blip for now and not be the turning point the league is expecting. The next test against the NY Islanders will tell a lot.

No more...



  1. I have six teams on my list that i think Sundin might be going to.
    NYR does have a chance but Out of the six I think Sundin is going back to Toronto. Here are my analysis

  2. It almost you gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it Dark? The funny thing is if you stepped into a room 100 rangers fans and asked: "Who saw this coming?" 99 of us would raise our hands and the one that didn't, would answer "it's not the post season yet."

    Now I don't want to say we had this coming. Everything was happening the way it was supposed to for us (aside from Cherepenov - RIP cherry). We were getting contributions from everywhere, we won the Victoria Cup in fabled comeback style, had a great record so far; we were top in the division, the east, the League!!!

    The more I think about it...You bet your sweet...err..Caroline, we had this coming. It was like the opening of the seventh seal. The bizzare happenings should have had us all quaking in our skates..

    - We didn't have any injuries yet and actually had too many kids cracking the lineup for us to find space for them all.
    - 2 goals from Betts so far
    - We finally managed to unload Jessiman.
    - Mitch Fritz, a guy we turned loose, beats the heavyweight champ (Laraque) while wearing an islander jersey. WTF?

    Things were not normal, ladies and gents. We're lucky a 5-2 comback beating is the only trauma we sustained. Of course theres still time for the leafs to acquire Ortmeyer and revive our old HMO line that will net Ryan Hollweg's Hat trick against us this season.

    Lets just hope this is was a Halloween prank courtesy of the hockey gods. Yeeesh....


  3. J -

    Couldn't dreadfully agree with you more. Let's challenge our dear Blueshirt loyalists and ask "Do you disagree?" Post in two...



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