Saturday, March 7, 2009

Avery = Win

All the New York Rangers do with Sean Avery in the lineup is win.

Thursday night’s 4-2 win over the New York Islanders extended the team’s record to 50-23-13 in the regular season when Avery is in the lineup. He had just over 10 minutes of ice time and was rather effective as he forechecked, stirred it up without crossing the line, generated a few scoring chances and in general, gave the team an extra spark.

Yes, the win came over the last place Islanders and yes, the team wasn’t great but in the end, they did what they had to do to win and even managed to get goals from Nikolai Zherdev, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund, guys that need to step it up down the stretch in order to help get this team into the playoffs.

The team’s newcomers, Nik Antropov and Derek Morris, both did well enough to hep the team win but need to show head coach John Tortorella that they can be consistent, a factor that has plagued the both of them throughout the season and their respective careers.

Sunday’s game against the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden will be the real test for the Blueshirts and should show Tortorella where they are in terms of making progress. If they can pick up a victory, it could go a long way in helping the club clinch a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference come April.

- Patrick Hoffman


  1. Long time reader...
    First time Commentator...
    Wanted to start up by agreeing with how good it feels to see the rangers win against long time rival Islanders. Antropov did not disappoint and Derrek morris did not pull a Wade Redden.... Cross fingers and knock on wood...
    I was born and raised in Montreal... which is crazy that I am a New York Ranger Fan. I find it hard to be a Canadian find.. especially with all the media and the fact that they can't keep a Coach and Bob Gainey is a joke... but that is beside the point. I am happy that Avery is back... i don't like his off the ice ethics and babbling he does but he sure can piss off and take the other team's mind off the game and focus their frustration on him... which then helps the Rangers to play and score some goals... Seeing Zherdev, Gomez, Naslund all score in the same game was simply BEAUTIFUL.
    I actually just came back from a weekend in New York City Manhattan. Had a blastttttt.. LOVE the city, the food, the atmosphere... But whats up with all those Baseball attire... Where is the hockey love... Went to buunch of stores..... and if i were a Yankees fan... I would of been in lala land... but seeing I'm not a big baseball fan.... i was disappointed with the lack of Rangers souvenir... They even had a lighter in the shape of a baseball bat.... Jesus.......
    All this to say that... I haven't given up on the ranger's and I am looking foward to next week's games.
    Peace Out

  2. Underground Dave -- NYC is a baseball town. Hockey has a hardcore fan base but it's no Montreal.

    Your observations are sound and welcome.

    BTW, anyone who has been denigrating the Rangers' competition on Thursday night should take notice of what the Isles did to the Devils on Saturday. The Devils played like a minor league team. They lost ground in trying to catch the Bruins as Boston won.

    The Isles have had the Devils number in Long Island for the past 2 seasons. Once again, you should never take a team filled with hungry youngsters for granted.

    Thanks for visiting our city and tanks for visiting our site and leaving a comment.


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