Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Happened To My Team?

This was two seasons ago -- it appears everyone cared a little more then.   We were not treated to any game changer this afternoon in Philly.  Hhhmmm....



  1. In honor of the referee who went down and was honored this afternoon at The Wachovia Center. Whatever his name is...

  2. Gee wouldn't you know it, colton orr fights steve cote. now that wasn't expected? thanks for pointing this out, Dark and reminding us that the physical nature of the game (fighting) can turn the events, change the momentum. No one on this current team sees this. I cannot remember a team fight, or something that didn't feel staged or agreed to....something from the heart. With Avery behaving himself, we can rely on Hartnell PIM'ing his way through the rangers d-men tomorrow. we need to knock them cold tomorrow. Or else.

  3. Pat Depuzzo (sp?) was the ref.

    And you think Cote would have learned not to fight Orrsie and yet he used his face to block Colt's punches yet again today ...

  4. That wasn't really a "game changer" in the video. The Rangers were up by two goals.


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